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Age 75 and NO Wrinkles. False Advertising. Possibly?

i was browsing the web like a frequently do, and while reading a blog, i noticed this add out of the corner of my eye.

Maybe this skin care system is revolutionary. Or maybe they're engaging in a little bit of false advertising.

Either way i find this hilarious

Unfortunately i didn't save the website. If any of you kind people know what it is feel free to post it in the comments.

[This was posted on flock, a super cool internet browser, more to be written about it later]

Blogged with Flock

Turn $.01 into $10,000,000: Moola

Moola is one of the more interesting (i'll elaborate on interesting later) and highly addictive sites ive seen on the web. The basic concept behind moola is, keep doubling the $.o1 your given by moola until you reach $10,000,000. You double your money by playing games against other poeple in your money bracket ie. you have 10cents you play someone else with 10cents, beat them, and you get the 10cents and they return to 1cent.

Right now there are three games, but they are adding to the list

Hi-Lo (guess whether the next card is higher or lower than the one you see now)
R0 Sham Bo (Rock, Paper, Scissors)
Gold Rush ( A 2-player game of strategy, in which the most clever bidder goes home with the Gold! First player to reach 32 points will be declared the winner.)

There's also a ton of bonus's to save and win money on, they give away $36,000 daily. Plus every 24 hours your guaranteed one free spin to win up to $9000.

This site is by invite only so i have a thing going, Subscribe to my blog, comment this article and ill send one your way. I wont ask for any sort of authentication, i'm using the trust system. Hopefully it works. Do note ill consider the people first that can tell me what the the last button says on every feed, hint "save to ...."

Contact me here
with the answer

Enjoy via moola.com

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Free Local Search by Phone - 1800 GOOG 411

As google expands, theyve been buying up smaller companies and converting the paid services into free ones. Some of you may have heard of Feedburner, which google had recently purchased and theyre pro service into an entirely free service. Great news for all us bloggers at there.

Well now Google had expanded to your phones. Rather than dial 411 for asistance and thus be charged, Google is providing free of charge a number to call for local searches 1 800 GOOG 411

Using this service, you can:

  • search for a local business by name or category.
    You can say "Giovanni's Pizzeria" or just "pizza".

  • get connected to the business, free of charge.

  • get the details by SMS if you’re using a mobile phone.
    Just say "text message".

Its easy and free. Next time you need to make a local search, save some money by using google

1 800 GOOG 411

1800 466 4411

via Google Local Search

Get your Invites to those Private Sites: InviteShare

InviteShare has recently created some major attention with they're new service , they've created a site where people exchange their private invitations for private invitations to another site they so desire. Many of those most wanted sites now a days seem to be released in beta mode as invitation only. It can be very vexing to the common user that really would like to join this upcoming site but doesnt have the the connections. This is where InviteShare comes in, this community driven network will connect you to people that want to invite you. Expect to receive a whole bunch of invites instantly.

At the moment there are 44 available invite sites to choose from, including some of the most elusive out there ie demonoid and scyrbe and few other notable sites, 8apps and GrandCentral.

View All 45 Available Invite Sites (and growing)

The site is a truly genius concept. But some questions may have arisen in your mind, like what is the incentive to send out invites, why not just receive. Basically the more invites you send out, the more priority you have over other users. Therefore your not going to have to wait a century to get an invite to that site you always wanted to join.

Also the site is well built, and has that fresh 2.0 look to it, so it's quite appeasing in a design sense.

So if your looking for any invitations to private sites, bookmark this page, and when the time arises, InviteShare will connect you.

InviteShare Homepage
Straight to SignUp Page

note: this is not a paid review, im so throughly satisfied with this site, i thought i must write about it.

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Who's Hosting That Site

This is probaly for the slightly more advanced web navigators out there. If you know about website hosting, this tool is pretty fun to mess around with. If you like to know who which company hosts a certain site, enter their address, and this tool will simply tell you.

For Example, i find intellimind.net (yes, im blatantly self promoting) never seems to suffer any downtime and seems like they have a reliable web host that i would like to get the name of.

Enter intellimind.net into the search bar and your set. By the way intellimind.net is hosted by Bluehost. But now you can find that out yourself with this handy webmaster's tool.

[via Whoishostingthis]

Scroll Through Every Mac Homepage Since 1997

Technology is constantly changing, and when the technology changes, the website must change. On thoughtdifferent.com you can scroll through every home page apple has had up since 1997 till today. You really get a good idea on how much we've progressed int the last 10 years.

From this


April 2000

Present Day (now)

To This

Kinda makes you wonder what will be going on 10 years from now.


Get your Submission on Digg Faster

Mac OS X only: If your a frequent Digg user, i'm sure you know how hard it is to make it to the front page. Have you ever had a really good article, but someone submitted right before you and ended up on the main page. Then your know how annoying it is.

This little and simple Digg Submission widget will help you get your articles on Digg faster. Just open your mac dashboard, paste the link in on the widget and off you go. A Super fast submission complete.

Digg Submit Widget


UPDATE: Top 10 14 Best Mac Widgets

UPDATE: 4 More Widgets
Since i last wrote this post, ive found some more useful widgets for keeping you on top of things. So heres a few more mac widgets to add to the list

: Keep track of time spent on your tasks, with different color timers.

AirTrafficControl: an alternative to JWire. Nice and small

Buzztracker: Find where all the latest news is coming from

Icliplite: I cant sum it up much better than their description "iClip lite is a multiple clipboard & scrapbook widget designed to improve your efficiency and productivity for most tasks you do on your computer. It enables you to quickly store and retrieve snippets of information like text, pictures, Internet addresses and more in its multiple “clip bins”."

Incredibly useful when you need fast access to a bunch of copied strands of text or links

Read the rest of the Top 10 here
or Top 10 Best Widgets

Create a Picture out of Text with Photoshop

Recently i was messing around with Adobe Photoshop, (its what i do when im bored) and i hit a bump. Have you ever seen those cool images completely made out of text or patterns (left)? Ive always wanted to create one of those, i fooled around with a bunch of methods, but most were extremely time consuming. Then i stumbled across this post on a forum.
How to turn your image into text. This method is extremely concise and easy to follow (below). Unfortunately the final outcome link is broken and therefore unable to be viewed. I have seen the the picture before it was corrupted and it looked pretty incredible. So try it yourself and see what you can make.

  1. Convert your image to black and white using Image > Adjustments > Channel Mixer. (Monochrome box = checked). Basically, you want clearly defined highlights (the lightest parts) and shadows (the darkest parts).
  2. In text editor e.g. notepad/Word, create your text > highlight > copy
  3. Back in Photoshop: Grab your text tool (T) and drag a rectangle over the entire image. Once you let go, in the dialog box that appears at the top select your font and size (I used Arial and 12pt but it’s up to you).
  4. Paste text you copied into this field. If you need more, just keep pasting until the whole screen is covered (Adjust text spacing as necessary).
  5. Duplicate text layer twice.
  6. Bottom layer (Shadows) – set text to black
  7. Middle layer (Midtones) – set text to a medium grey e.g., #7F7F7F
  8. Top layer (Highlights) – set text to a light grey e.g., #C5C5C5
  9. Select all three text layers > right click and select Rasterize Type in the popup menu.
  10. In Layers palette - make the text layers invisible (by clicking the eye icon)
  11. Select Layer 1 i.e.,, your image
  12. From the menu - Select>Color Range.
  13. From Select drop down box, choose Shadows > OK (you’ll see shadows selected)
  14. With Lasso (L) tool selected, Right Click on image > Select Inverse
  15. Click on eye icon for first text layer (make sure it is selected) > Delete
  16. Command/Control + D to deselect (Remember, when you are selecting the color range, only Layer 1 should be visible. When you go to delete from the text layer, make sure it's visible.)
  17. Select middle text layer, and repeat process, choosing Midtones in Color Range.
  18. Repeat for top layer choosing Highlights in Color Range
  19. Click on eye icon to turn off image layer and boom there it is

Turn Your Image Into Text [via digialjuice.com]

Visit Intellimind Einstein Says So

According to Einstein you should visit intellimind. But since your reading this your probaly already here. Congratulations.

Jokes aside, if you want to waste hours of possibly productive time and mess around instead,
hetemeel.com is the place to go. Disclaimer: Unfortunately Einstein did not actually write this i used the little generator on that site.

Also if your looking to forge other supposedly legit pictures try out this church sign generator too.


Make one yourself below


Intellimind.net - Check it Out

My New Site intellimind.net (beta)

You may have wondered, where have i been lately. Well Ive been creating a fully functional new site. Intellimind.net which i have just officially put on the web. Be sure to check it out, since you will probaly find problems with it that i didnt even know existed.

Think of intellimind.net as my homepage which links to my blog. You can also find top articles, popular categories, and my highly recommended books.

Since this post is solely about my recent blog news, i have some more future updates that should make intellimind a better place.

If you've noticed ive been using Google blogger, which as simple as it is, is extremely limited too. I would have switched to wordpress eons ago except i never had my own domain. But now with my domain i can switch over. So expect a crispy, cleaner, and far more accessible blog in the near future.

PS: i would love it if people would point out possible problems you notice or what i can do better on the new site. I will thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Take Your Widgets To The Next Level

I happen to love the idea of widgets, they look awesome, they're nice and small, and you get what you want. The concept is great but implamenting them hasn't always been up to par. Ever since google has been producing widgets for their personalized igoogle ive been there, but ive never much liked the fact that they've got be stuck in columns and lack the ability to freely move them about the screen, plus they're clunky. Mac's widgets are the best out there, with a widget for practically every meaningless to important function you would like them to carry out. But they are on your desktop rather than online, so can only be accessed on your computer.

Schmedley is here to fill this gap. Basically, its as simple and elegant as mac's widget platform but online. (And slightly more practical.)

Its not just widgets on an online desktop though, click the RSS Button, and easily check all your feeds, your transported to a very well organized RSS aggregator application, rather than a little square as in google or mac widgets.

I cant begin to name all the joyous perks on schmedly. Here two more; Schmedly includes text messaging people cell phones from their site, and the famous Meebo Instant Messanger (my preferred instant messenger)

Hopefully this semi new site will continue to grow and produce such practical services


Dump your TV and Save $1 Million Dollars

“Do nothing which is of no use.” - Miyamoto Musashi
renowned 16th century samurai author of " The Book of Five Rings"

Spending hours watching mindless programs on TV may seem great, but Jeffrey Strain at thestreet.com says otherwise and does a great job of backing such a claim. Most don't realize how much money really goes into that TV

"People rarely consider the cost of watching TV, and when they do, they usually focus on the cost of their monthly cable bill. The truth is that there are a wide variety of costs associated directly and indirectly with having a TV."

Not only is cable expensive, but with a tv, an entertainment system is usually necessary and no one is just content with the basic cable, soon your paying more a month for premium packages too and according USA Today the average American spends 4.5 hours a day watching television, imagine what could if you devoted those extra hours to your passion/work (if your work is your passion).

How will vegetating in front of a TV for hours on end be useful in anyway? It wont, rather spend that time working on perhaps a small business you've created, like the creator of savingadvice.com

"For me, had I continued to watch TV over the past five years, in addition to the monetary aspects, it would have been the difference of working in a job I didn’t like and having my dream job working for myself for which there is no way to set a price"
Read more in the link below

How Dumping TV Allowed Me to Quit My Job, Create an Online Business and Fund My Retirement Account (savingadvice.com)

Give up that TV and move on to greater things.

Back Online

Everyone im officially back, and will be updating regularly once again. Ive been faced with some unfortunate problems, the internet had been down for the last four days (never use Time Warner Cable, they lack any sort of concept of customer service) and ive been having some weird blogger login errors.

Does anyone know what happened in the above picture. (click for larger view)

And a note to blogcatalog users: Blogcatalog has lost all my friends, neighborhoods, etc. so if you were once my friend, please add me again, sorry for that inconvenience.

Now your up to date ill be posting soon.

Elevator Hack, Go Straight to your Floor

Heres a very simple hack for you elevator goers. Don't you hate continually stopping at every floor on those busy days especially if your on floor 45, you may be waiting forever. Well there's a little feature implemented into most elevators called express mode that might just fix your problem

Below is the instructional video

http://view.break.com/327059 - Watch more free videos


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The Definitive List of Top Mac App Articles

Mac OS X only: Since there's so many top app articles circulating around the web, i decided to put together my favorite mac app articles from various sites into one post with special emphasis on the articles with an * (asterisks)

Underneath the main links are what i found to be the most useful apps in each article

Enjoy this mega post and if and if you've got a favorite app of your own, comment it below.

Top 40 most useful free mac os-x softwares [rangit.com]

  • PTHpasteboard 4 - "PTHPasteboard is one of those applications which expands the functionality of copy and paste."
  • Springy (a better replacement for Stuffit) "Springy archiving and compressing application let you do all your work with archives and compressed files using a graphical interface similar to Finder..."
    - "In Mac OS X, by default, you are limited to sharing only what is in your public folder in your home directory. This program makes it easy to share any folder."

* 10 Semi-Obscure Mac Programs You Shouldn't Be Without [mexicanpictures.com/headingeast] - This is an excellent list of apps youve probaly never heard of, also theres 12 not 10, what a bonus!
  • Growl - "a utility that gives you translucent status messages from background applications."
  • Chax - "adds a host of large and small improvements to ichat."
  • Delicious Library - "scan your book, cd, and dvd barcodes looks up info about the media (title, cover, etc) and stores it all in an easy to use database."
  • Texpander - "Texpander allows you to create abbreviations that expand as you type them. So instead of typing my name into forms I just type rrgg and it instantly expands into my full name. You can add bits of text (and images) at will. Darned useful. Also the sBook site is back up."

* Essential Mac OS X Applications [macspecialist.org]
  • iBank - "Intuitive personal finance manager"
  • Renamer4Mac - "Rename files en masse. Useful for digital cameras"
  • RCDefaultApp - "Preference pane to set default applications"

10 essential mac apps [via applematters.com]
  • Adium X - "is the excellent multi-network chat client available for the Mac OS X platform..."
  • Transmit - An FTP Client "...You can simply drag items to be uploaded, batch download, view download status in the Dock, set permissions automatically on upload, tabbed viewing..."

A Simple List of Free and Open-Source Software for Mac OS X [opensourcemac.org]
  • Bean - " Very fast and easy to use word processor. Live word count, autosaving, more. "
  • Gimp.app - " Photo editing application that rivals Photoshop in features (requires X11). "
  • Cashbox - " Simple, easy to use application for managing personal finances. "

10 Mac Apps [hicksdesign.co.uk]

    Top 10 Apps for Laptop-Toting Mac Users [theappleblog.com]
    • Sidenote - "Sidenote is essentially a mini notepad and a general data dump that hides quietly on either side of your display"
    • VirtueDesktops - "Virtue is a great alternative multiple desktop manager"

    10 Apps Every New Mac User Should Download - [paulstamatiou.com]

    * 10 Mac Apps You Should Be Using, But Probably Aren't - [cheapmacapps.com]
    RapidWeaver - "a Website creation app. Honestly, it makes creating a Website amazingly fun and easy - not only that, but the results look great!..."
    Yep - "kind of like iPhoto for PDF documents, allowing you to tag documents with keywords and then easily search for them later on..."
    Pzizz - "a power-nap generator that is backed by a scientifically proven system to boost energy and productivity..."
    OmniGraffle -
    "a diagramming application, and probably the best designed and easy to use one in existence..."

    Top Ten [academhack.outsidethetext.com]
    • Devon Think. - "This program manages a searchable database of all the documents, web sites, pieces of information etc. that I encounter and want to be able to reference, search etc. But it does so much more than this, it actually thinks for you . . .yeah, that’s right this program thinks. I will also cover some of the ways I use this program in a later post, but for now you can check out two other articles here and here. They also offer an educational discount..."
    • Bookends or Sente: - "a bibliography database on your computer that will format your citations and bibliography for you, never going searching for that reference again..."
    • Quicksilver: - "Not your usual type of application, and not specifically “academic” but, if someone asked me why they should switch to Mac this would be one of the top reasons. I always have Quicksilver running (configured to launch at start-up) and this program really saves me probably an hour each day. On the most basic level Quicksilver is an application launcher/task manager, which means that I can, with a couple of keyboard strokes (in some case only one) launch or move to any application (no mouse needed)...."

    Im sorry about the ad below, for some odd reason it will not go away and im unable to hide it in any sort of way. Sorry for that little inconvenience

    Some Brain Things You Probably Didn't Know

    Over at lifehack.org, an interesting article has been posted about nine brain quirks you didn't realize you had. Did you know your short term memory has a max capacity of 7 numbers?

    Or did you know that....

    3) Your subconscious is smarter than you are.

    Or at least more powerful. In one study, a square was assigned to a location on a computer screen through a complex pattern. After watching it, people began to get results better than chance of picking out where the square would pop up next. But when asked to consciously determine the pattern, even given a few hours, nobody could do it.

    Check them out for yourself

    Nine Brain Quirks You Didn't Realize You Had [via lifehack.org]

    55 Essential Articles Every Blogger Should Read

    Over at The Entrepreneurial Blog, creater Matt Huggins has posted the 'master' list of 55 his hand chosen articles every blogger must read.

    And really every blogger must read it, whether or not your a beginner or blogging visionary, you'll be sure to find some article for you. everything from getting started to monetization and seo rankings are there asking to be read and used

    His post is well organized organized into 7 categories

    Blogging Basics: Getting Started
    Building Meaningful Content
    Increasing Traffic & Retaining Readers
    Linkbaiting, SEO, & Social Networks
    Building a Community
    Blog Monetization
    Miscellaneous Blogging Advice

    55 Essential Articles Every Serious Blogger Should Read

    Now your turn, comment your favorite blogging advice/articles

    Locked your keys in your Car?

    Have you ever locked your keys in your car? Most of us have been there. After the initial anger/pain wears off, its time to start thinking resourcefully. Once upon a time your only options where to use a coat hanger (but who has one of those), call a service, not only is that expensive but it can take a pretty long time, or perhaps you can smash open your window (but that may be a little to drastic and costly).

    There's also another tactic that has been debuting around the web with much dispute . Use a tennis ball. Numerous accounts have proved that this only works on a certain type of lock. So it may not be viable source for many off you, but for the few it does work for heres the short clip on how to do it.

    Blondie Unlocks Car - Awesome video clips here

    Now for the main and most effective trick in this article. All you need is a cellphone, remote, and person. Many cars come with a spare remote that will end up residing somewhere in your house/apartment which can be used for this trick. Here how to do it

    How to unlock your car with a cellphone

    1. Whip out your cell phone and dial your home (hopefully somewhere is there to pickup)

    2. Once the call is answered, have the person in the house locate your spare key

    3. Have the person press the unlock button into the phone while you hold your phone towards your car.

    4. Car is now unlock, retrieve key that was previously locked in the car and enjoy

    Its that simple and works.

    While I'm on the topic of cars i have one last trick.
    How to amplify your car remotes range.

    You've probaly noticed when your 50 yards from your car the remote ceases to unlock and lock your doors. Heres a simply hack to increase that distance, using your head. And there really is science behind it.

    Obvious Note Made out of Anger

    Always save your work repeatedly. Programs (for me) always seem to crash when you least expect it, especially firefox on a mac. It must be from all the plugins and add ons.

    Moral of the story: Always Save your Work

    Mega List of The Best Posts

    Many a times some really memorable posts from the past are lost in a sea of new blog posts. Some of you may just be looking at this blog for the first, others of you are loyal readers, whatever it may be, i'm implementing a new plan into the my blog. Since lots of my posts are 'timeless,' meaning they applied back then just as much as now, every few weeks i'll post an article reiterating some noteworthy posts in the life of Intellimind.

    With a collection 62 posts so far on intellimind it can be hard to find the best of the best so let me bring to attention some that deserve recognition
    The noteworthy posts

    Supercharge your Reading with Spreeder : an online app to for reading tremendously. Useful for increasing how many words you read per minute.

    Free Music & Find Anything on the Web Free with Ninjabot: Free Music (Project Find Music) searches googles indexed sites to find you your selected music. NinjaBot searches main upload sites ie megaupload, mediafire, etc. to find anything you want, free of charge

    Finding your Passion
    : Three articles written by Steve Pavlina about how to find your passion in life.

    Orb 2.0 for all your Media Needs: Streams all your media over the internet onto any computer, xbox360, or other gaming console. Plus some additional features like myTV.

    33 Ways to Work your Brain: the new list over at projectriran all to do with working your mind.

    Practical Flashcards: Quizlet
    : For the students out there, this web based app boasts a powerful new way to study with flashcards

    Top 8 Post it Note Apps: The best apps out there that mimic the common household post it note, except on your computer.

    Free Everything Ipod Book v3.0
    : Pretty much as it says, a book published by the famous ipodlounge dealing with everything to do with an ipod and its completely free.

    6 Tips and Tricks: Cleaner Workspace: 6 of my best tips for a more organized, simpler workspace

    Never Study Again: Holistic Learning: yep, implement this new learning technique into your life and you'll realize studying before a test was a thing of the past

    How to Make an Effective Business Card: some tips, steps, and necessary sites for making an effective yet well designed business card

    Those were just a few that i thought i should mention, enjoy

    Quick Note to All

    Ive been working on intellimind and have some updates. Since typing intothemindd.blogspot.com into your browser is quite the tedious task, ive created a temporary new address until i register a dot com one.

    The new site is intellimind.co.nr it merely redirects you to intothemindd.blogspot.com

    Hopefully this will be easier to remember

    Popular Categories: Apps   BrainTeasers   How to   Organize   Free Stuff

    Update: im in the process of a new site design, and im sorry for a the huge ads that seemed to appear at the bottom of posts, im in the process of correcting that