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PingMe + Jott = GTD Love

PingMePing Me is a new and may i say very clever way for keeping track of your tasks/ideas/events. Create a message via gopingme.com, set the date and you'll receive an email or TXT straight to your phone reminding you. Creating pings are super simple and there's a few ways to make them. Create them from gopingme.com or straight from your cell.

The image “http://www.jott.com/Image/Logo130x55.png” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.Jott is the the ultimate mobile note taker. Basically Jott is a mobile transcription service that converts your voice notes into text to be sent to your email or a TXT message.

Together Ping Me and Jott create the ultimate 'never forget your stuff' team.

PingMe Interface

How it works together
Anyone who owns a cell phone knows how tedious it can be to type out full TXT messages. Jott and PingMe gives your thumbs a break. Rather than text PingMe, call Jott and record a message to PingMe. But this isn't like any message you know of. Using Jott's service your pings will be converted to text so they can be sent as a TXT message and an email.

Heres how it goes. Call jott's 800 number (toll free)

Jott: Who'd you want to Jott
You: Go Ping Me
Jott: Beeeeeeep
You: Get Ninja Suit washed by thursday

And wait a few minutes later you've got a new ping to be sent to your cell phone and email. Easy Simple Done.

Opinion: Many a times ive been out and about and an incredible idea has popped into my head. Previously if i lacked a pen i would rely on my brain, which seems to instantly forget the idea as fast as it popped up. Rarely do i got out without my cell phone, so when i heard about Jott i knew this would be very very useful. Ive now been able to record my ideas which doesn't have a track record of forgetting.
So naturally i'm a huge fan of Jott, and the integration with Ping Me only makes it better.

Learn More at ......
Ping Me via Gopingme.com
Jott via Jott.com


Ken Albin said...

I use "PingMe" and love it!

I just wrote a report about an attack upon my right to honestly blog about teaching. Please read it and give me your comments.

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Security Equipments said...

I like the design of your blog very much. It looks like a page from fairy tale. I’m really impressed!

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