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Easy Money with Revver

Heres a site where you can make some easy money: Revver. Reever is much like youtube in the sense, you upload videos where everyone can watch them. In fact it's just like youtube, except you get paid and they stress originality. To upload you must authenticate yourself as the one who created this video, no copyright infringement here.

What Revver Says
Revver is the "the viral video network that pays. We connect video makers and sharers with sponsors in a free and open marketplace that rewards them for doing what they do best."

How to Get Paid
You make money by simply uploading your own video. The Revver team implements targeted advertisements to the first few seconds of your video, and then you split the ad revenue generated, 50/50.

But lets say your not up to uploading a video on the web, well people that share/display any Revver videos on their sites earn 20% of the revenue. So no work, just embed a clip you enjoy on your site, and when someone watches it, get your pay.

Maybe 50/50 isn't doing it for you. Then create your video and host it on your social community site, myspace, friendster, etc. and earn 70% of the profits.

Some Revver Money Making Tips from The Creators

"Embed videos as comments on your friends' social networking pages!

Post a widget with your favorite videos in the sidebar of your blog.

Create a podcast of your favorite type of videos. Are you more into sports or video games?

Send a daily email to your friends linking them to your favorite videos.

Podcast your videos to iTunes and the Democracy player.

Submit your videos to social bookmarking and news sites like del.icio.us and digg.com."
Have you ever seen Ask A Ninja? - Here he is on Revver

Also the video interface looks quite a lot nicer than youtube's, check it out with the link below or click on the video

Link to Revver

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