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DuggorNot: A Must Have Tool for All Digg Users

Finally a tool of such a necessity has arisen. I am fan of Digg but i believe it has some major errors. One being there is no such feature that allows one to view all your submitted posts, comments on those posts, and the amount of diggs all at once. Duggornot is here to fill that gap, and they have big plans.

This little utility allows you to view all stories submitted by any Digg user, not just your own. It's super simple and quite useful. Just type in the users name, hit search and page much like the one in the picture below appears.

Duggornot is great for monitoring all your submitted stories for comments and diggs, without having to manually check every single page. Everyone Digg user should try this out.

Update: I accidentally messed up on the format of this post and embedded the whole duggornot utility onto my site. Apparently, this tool can be placed on any site for even faster access. I'm sure that was their intention though.

Copy and Paste this code into an html to get this utility on your site

[via Duggornot.com]

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Anonymous said...

Tried it, loved it.

Anonymous said...

Hey IntelliMind

I'm glad to hear you like my site.

I created duggornot.com and I'm always happy to hear what my visitors have to say, good or bad.


Bobby Revell said...

I've used digg. There are too many little groups that fave massive amounts of posts not even knowing what they are. I watched 2 members digg up and down every row, I mean all with no skips until they had dugg 500 or so posts each. That was in three days. I know they are big, but how much validity the popular items have is questionable. I'm looking for new alternatives:)
I faved you on technorati and subscribed to your feed:)

Paul said...

I have now integrated the two utilities that I built on http://www.duggornot.com

Now you can view comments that you have made on Digg as well as your story submissions...more useful stuff coming soon.

Alex (Intellimind) said...

hey bobby thanks for the fav, i appreciate it. Your right, since there are these groups, many of the really valuable posts are lost. Digg seems to be more of a popularity contest, but sometimes you can find some extremely funny stuff on digg.

Paul, Thanks for keeping us informed.I just checked it out and it's a great addition. ill add that as an update on this post.

Keep up the great work

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