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For Google Blogger/Blogspot users only:

I've been getting a bunch of emails asking me how i added certain elements to my blog that didn't come standard with blogger, so i've decided to address them in this post. Note: Alway to backup your blog before attempting to change the code. Learn from my mistakes, i once had to recreate my blog since i completely destroyed the code without backing it up.

So Here are my favorite addons/widgets/hacks for google blogger.


1. Tag Cloud

See that cloud of different labels at the top of my page? Well if you don't already know, thats a tag cloud. I find it really adds to my blog, it not only look better than bloggers standard label widget, but makes your blog easier to navigate. There's two great sites out there that teach you how to make one yourself.

Difficulty: Easy
How to Make and Awesome Tag Cloud [via FrivolousMotion]

Difficulty: Hard (more functionality)
Beta Blogger Label Cloud [via phydeaux3]


2. Popular Post Widget
Refer to the left column of my blog where it says popular posts. Yet again this widget doesn't come standard (which it should). This is where many of my viewers immediately go to find what's the best on Intellimind and i couldn't live without it (almost). i got this one from affiliatebrand.com

Popular Post Widget [via affliatebrand]

1. Create Account
2. Once logged in follow this link and enter blog URL
3. Customize Apperance and follow directions on site about implemantion (by the way its simple)


3. Recent Comments Widget
Located on the right sidebar of my blog, this widget is must for two reasons. First it fuels conversations, second, commenter's now get recognized on every page of my blog for commenting. Many that own blogs comment on my blog and now this little widget gives them a chance to get recognized. Also this is by far the simplest of widgets to install.

Difficulty: Super Easy
Recent Comments Widget
[via blogger-templates]


4. Social Bookmarking Widgets
Notice under everyone of my posts i have those little squares, 9 to be exact. If you click one of those squares, your taken to a page where you can bookmark or add that post to your social network. They're big they look good and people use them. And believe it or not its pretty easy to implement your own onto your blog.

Difficulty: Medium
Social Bookmarking Widget [via Beautiful Beta]


5. Table of Contents Widget
As a blogger you've probably posted many many posts. These often get lost in history as you write new posts. Table of Contents helps your readers discover all of your blog posts.

Difficulity: Medium
Table of Contents Widget
[via Beautiful Beta]


6. Random Post Widget
Everyone likes the unknown maybe this why this widget has been sweeping the web. Placed near the top of my right sidebar, you'll notice an a little square image saying random post. Click on it and your taken to a random post on Intellimind. Do you feel lucky? , maybe you'll find something you like by clicking this button.

Difficulty: Easy
Blogger Feeling Lucky Widget
[via phydeaux3]


7. Recent Post Widget
Now you won't see this one on my blog at the moment (but perhaps in the future). Regardless this is a great widget which i have used on other blogs to add increased navigation around my blog.

Difficulty: Easy
Recent Posts Widget [via
Beautiful Beta and Hackospere]


8. Search Widget
Now the search widget is a must, if you don't have on you need one. Nothing wards off visitors like the lack of a search button (and ads). How will people find what they're looking for if they cant search your site. Now that we established this is necessity, lets go about getting one. Good news for you, theres many ways. Here are my favorite.

Difficulty: Easy

Lijit Search Engine

Incredible Simple, Functional and Highly Recommended. The search page looks like its part of your site, no ads.

Difficulty: Medium
Google Custom Search
Get Paid via adsense for searches but not exactly the greatest looking.
Once you sign up and create the custom search engine go to your blog and hit layout > page elements > Add a Page Element > Copy and Paste code from google custom search site > Drag widget where you want it and your finished.


9. Add a Favicon
You probably don't know what this one is, so let me explain. Look to the top of your browser, do you see that mini image next to the URL, well thats a favicon. Believe it or not that can be changed on blogger. Having your own icon distances people from thinking your part of blogger and establishes your own identity, every blog owner at blogspot has the same favicon, how unoriginal. So heres how to do it.

Difficulty: Easy
Adding a Favicon [via Blogger University]


10. Remove the NavBar
Every Blogger Blog has a small top bar at the top of their account, i know i still have one, personally i like the little search function on the top left. But many of you out there probably don't want one. Note: The legality of this is debatable, i'm just providing the directions on how to take it away.

Difficulty: Easy
Remove the Navbar [via Blogger-Templates]


11. I'll be Updating this Post with every new widget/hack i find so be sure to bookmark this and check back.


I hope you all enjoy this handy toolkit of my favorite hacks for blogger. Feel free to bookmark this post and refer back to it when you'd like to implement one if these hacks into your blog. Remember those little squares at the bottom of my posts? Try them out by bookmarking this post! Also ill be updating this post every time i find a new blogger tool so be sure to check back!

If you have any more recommendations or you'd like to ask for additional help on these hacks, comment below or email me and I'll try my best to assist you.


Anna said...

Thanks for posting this info, I will definitely use some of it. Anna :)

Kevin M. Keating said...

Thanks for linking to my tag cloud tutorial, and for compiling such a great list of resources. Nice finds.

Emotion said...

Great hacks thanks for sharing. ;)

Emotion | StylishLabs

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Social Networking Designer said...

Thanks for sharing! I've always wanted to add social bookmarking widgets after each of my posts. :)

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