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Deck Out Your Blog With These 10+ Hacks

For Google Blogger/Blogspot users only:

I've been getting a bunch of emails asking me how i added certain elements to my blog that didn't come standard with blogger, so i've decided to address them in this post. Note: Alway to backup your blog before attempting to change the code. Learn from my mistakes, i once had to recreate my blog since i completely destroyed the code without backing it up.

So Here are my favorite addons/widgets/hacks for google blogger.


1. Tag Cloud

See that cloud of different labels at the top of my page? Well if you don't already know, thats a tag cloud. I find it really adds to my blog, it not only look better than bloggers standard label widget, but makes your blog easier to navigate. There's two great sites out there that teach you how to make one yourself.

Difficulty: Easy
How to Make and Awesome Tag Cloud [via FrivolousMotion]

Difficulty: Hard (more functionality)
Beta Blogger Label Cloud [via phydeaux3]


2. Popular Post Widget
Refer to the left column of my blog where it says popular posts. Yet again this widget doesn't come standard (which it should). This is where many of my viewers immediately go to find what's the best on Intellimind and i couldn't live without it (almost). i got this one from affiliatebrand.com

Popular Post Widget [via affliatebrand]

1. Create Account
2. Once logged in follow this link and enter blog URL
3. Customize Apperance and follow directions on site about implemantion (by the way its simple)


3. Recent Comments Widget
Located on the right sidebar of my blog, this widget is must for two reasons. First it fuels conversations, second, commenter's now get recognized on every page of my blog for commenting. Many that own blogs comment on my blog and now this little widget gives them a chance to get recognized. Also this is by far the simplest of widgets to install.

Difficulty: Super Easy
Recent Comments Widget
[via blogger-templates]


4. Social Bookmarking Widgets
Notice under everyone of my posts i have those little squares, 9 to be exact. If you click one of those squares, your taken to a page where you can bookmark or add that post to your social network. They're big they look good and people use them. And believe it or not its pretty easy to implement your own onto your blog.

Difficulty: Medium
Social Bookmarking Widget [via Beautiful Beta]


5. Table of Contents Widget
As a blogger you've probably posted many many posts. These often get lost in history as you write new posts. Table of Contents helps your readers discover all of your blog posts.

Difficulity: Medium
Table of Contents Widget
[via Beautiful Beta]


6. Random Post Widget
Everyone likes the unknown maybe this why this widget has been sweeping the web. Placed near the top of my right sidebar, you'll notice an a little square image saying random post. Click on it and your taken to a random post on Intellimind. Do you feel lucky? , maybe you'll find something you like by clicking this button.

Difficulty: Easy
Blogger Feeling Lucky Widget
[via phydeaux3]


7. Recent Post Widget
Now you won't see this one on my blog at the moment (but perhaps in the future). Regardless this is a great widget which i have used on other blogs to add increased navigation around my blog.

Difficulty: Easy
Recent Posts Widget [via
Beautiful Beta and Hackospere]


8. Search Widget
Now the search widget is a must, if you don't have on you need one. Nothing wards off visitors like the lack of a search button (and ads). How will people find what they're looking for if they cant search your site. Now that we established this is necessity, lets go about getting one. Good news for you, theres many ways. Here are my favorite.

Difficulty: Easy

Lijit Search Engine

Incredible Simple, Functional and Highly Recommended. The search page looks like its part of your site, no ads.

Difficulty: Medium
Google Custom Search
Get Paid via adsense for searches but not exactly the greatest looking.
Once you sign up and create the custom search engine go to your blog and hit layout > page elements > Add a Page Element > Copy and Paste code from google custom search site > Drag widget where you want it and your finished.


9. Add a Favicon
You probably don't know what this one is, so let me explain. Look to the top of your browser, do you see that mini image next to the URL, well thats a favicon. Believe it or not that can be changed on blogger. Having your own icon distances people from thinking your part of blogger and establishes your own identity, every blog owner at blogspot has the same favicon, how unoriginal. So heres how to do it.

Difficulty: Easy
Adding a Favicon [via Blogger University]


10. Remove the NavBar
Every Blogger Blog has a small top bar at the top of their account, i know i still have one, personally i like the little search function on the top left. But many of you out there probably don't want one. Note: The legality of this is debatable, i'm just providing the directions on how to take it away.

Difficulty: Easy
Remove the Navbar [via Blogger-Templates]


11. I'll be Updating this Post with every new widget/hack i find so be sure to bookmark this and check back.


I hope you all enjoy this handy toolkit of my favorite hacks for blogger. Feel free to bookmark this post and refer back to it when you'd like to implement one if these hacks into your blog. Remember those little squares at the bottom of my posts? Try them out by bookmarking this post! Also ill be updating this post every time i find a new blogger tool so be sure to check back!

If you have any more recommendations or you'd like to ask for additional help on these hacks, comment below or email me and I'll try my best to assist you.

PingMe + Jott = GTD Love

PingMePing Me is a new and may i say very clever way for keeping track of your tasks/ideas/events. Create a message via gopingme.com, set the date and you'll receive an email or TXT straight to your phone reminding you. Creating pings are super simple and there's a few ways to make them. Create them from gopingme.com or straight from your cell.

The image “http://www.jott.com/Image/Logo130x55.png” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.Jott is the the ultimate mobile note taker. Basically Jott is a mobile transcription service that converts your voice notes into text to be sent to your email or a TXT message.

Together Ping Me and Jott create the ultimate 'never forget your stuff' team.

PingMe Interface

How it works together
Anyone who owns a cell phone knows how tedious it can be to type out full TXT messages. Jott and PingMe gives your thumbs a break. Rather than text PingMe, call Jott and record a message to PingMe. But this isn't like any message you know of. Using Jott's service your pings will be converted to text so they can be sent as a TXT message and an email.

Heres how it goes. Call jott's 800 number (toll free)

Jott: Who'd you want to Jott
You: Go Ping Me
Jott: Beeeeeeep
You: Get Ninja Suit washed by thursday

And wait a few minutes later you've got a new ping to be sent to your cell phone and email. Easy Simple Done.

Opinion: Many a times ive been out and about and an incredible idea has popped into my head. Previously if i lacked a pen i would rely on my brain, which seems to instantly forget the idea as fast as it popped up. Rarely do i got out without my cell phone, so when i heard about Jott i knew this would be very very useful. Ive now been able to record my ideas which doesn't have a track record of forgetting.
So naturally i'm a huge fan of Jott, and the integration with Ping Me only makes it better.

Learn More at ......
Ping Me via Gopingme.com
Jott via Jott.com

60 Advanced Adobe Photoshop Tutorials

From around the web, Website Designer, dennisplucinik has assembled a list of the best 60 Advanced Adobe Photoshop Tutorials. I was in the process of creating something along these lines but it looks as though i've been beat, so now i cede you over to Dennis.

Most of these techniques arnt for the recreational photoshop user. In his own words, "they actually require talent and knowledge of design, layout, balance, color theory, subtlety, etc."

This is a great mega list to bookmark and reference back to for future use

60 Advanced Adobe Photoshop Tutorials [via dennisplucinik.com]

The Stylish Way to Delete Your Files

Normally i wouldn't mention such a product, it seems kind of useless, an external hard drive for your deleted files. Why would you want to waste your money on saving files you know longer want?

Well there are some reasons for purchasing this product. First, I, like many other people have accidentally deleted important files, this will save you for that fate.

But what really stands out about this hard drive in particular is the incredible design, it just looks so good. And not only does it have that mini trash can design, but it requires no cords, it's bluetooth technology.

I would just use it as an external hard drive (250gb) to save my all files, but its probaly pretty expensive. O well if you've got money to toss aroundm after donating the greater part of your bank to intellimind, go out and purchase one of these.

The Tempo [via cagninadesign.com]

What am I ? - Riddle

It's been a while since i've posted any sort of brain teasers. So to flex your minds here's not one but two good riddles for everyone.

Difficulty (Medium)

Only one color, but not one size,
Stuck at the bottom, yet easily flies.
Present in sun, but not in rain,
Doing no harm, and feeling no pain.
What is it.

Difficulty (Hard)

Short was my life, and brilliant my career;
Behead me, I in lovely green appear;
Behead again, I once was made to save
My chosen inmates from a watery grave.
It would be very impressive if you could get these

I don't expect many too get the second, if you do that would be very impressive. You deserve a medal of recognition, but unfortunately i have nothing to give out.

Since giving the answer away below would tempt to many people to just look at it, i'll post the answer in the comments box tomorrow.

Feel Free to post the answer if you think you've got it!

Insane Martial Arts [Video]

I wish i could claim to be able to do such feats. But i fear that may be impossible.

Get Your Site Rated

This tool is for anyone with a website/blog . While browsing the web i came across a very useful site for all website owners/bloggers. The site is Website Grader, and just as the name says, it grades your site, completely unbiased.

How it works

Everything you can imagine is gathered from your site. Your technorati rank, Alexa rank, google pagerank, your inbound/outbound links, your indexed pages on google. Seriously, it takes everything you can image and then rates it out of 100.

Some other cool tid bits about website grader

- shows your website's domain info
- image and heading summary

Ive used this on all my sites, yes i not only am the proud author of intellimind. Also it's a great time waster, i've entered in all the sites i go on frequently too.

via Website Grader

Evolution Of Apple

The Mac as we know have evolved quite a bit since 1976, much like my previous post, "Scroll through Every Mac Homepage Since 1997", this post dates a bit farther back, quite a bit farther. You're probaly wondering right about now, what is that thing on the left? It's the first Mac (Apple) dating back to 1976, and as you can most likely tell its lacks the sleek stylish look of my mac pro.

Find out how your mac evolved into what it is today via tofslie. This site not only has the evolution of the classic Mac computer, but all sorts of apples products, ie. accessories, ipods and more.

Evolution of the Apple [via tofslie]

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The Latest Buzz via Popurls

Apart from the clever name, Popurls is a truly an amazing product of web 2.0. Popurls takes the best of social community's to bring you the most popular links from the most popular social networks.

Name a social community site, and they have the top 15 most popular content for that site . Sites included are Digg, Del.iciou.us, reddit, flicker, youtube, newsvine, metafilter, netscape, ifilm, slashdot, wired, stumbleupon, and the list can go on and on. Hopefully you get the idea now.

So rather than go to digg. com to check out their popular content and then go to slashdot and then the next site. Popurl's easy interface allows to check it all at a glance.
In fact i made it my homepage. Check it out at the link below.

Go to Popurls.com

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Feeling Lucky?

Because of my posting frequency, many great and useful posts get unnoticed in the barrage of new posts. This is why i've unrolled a new feature, "generate a random post" . If your a particularly courageous and perhaps a lucky person then you'll surely enjoy this feature.

Much like stumbleupon, click the little square in the right sidebar and your sent to a completely random page from intellimind. Over 100 different posts so far.

If your not sure what your looking try out random post.

How to Make the Best Paper Airplane in the World

My DIY of the day is, Make the best paper airplane in the world! A cross between a normal paper airplane and some sort of origami, this paper plane won't fail to amaze, that is if you actually get the 'constructing' process right. This video isn't for the faint hearted.

How To Fold The BEST Paper Airplane In The WORLD -

Now go out and stun your friends with your new incredible paper airplane skills.

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Transparent Wallpapers! Eye Candy

Transparent Wallpapers are all the rave now (not really). When i first glanced at this slideshow of wallpapers i thought the screens must have been removed. Lo and behold they are not. Just a bunch of peoples incredible skills.

Now witness my collage of favorite transparent wallpapers.

i actually tried making these. It's far harder than it looks, getting the lighting on the camera to look exactly the same as the natural lighting seems to be near impossible.

Watch the slideshow consisting of a plethora of transparent wallpapers

Slideshow of Transparent Wallpapers

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Get Stuff (almost) Free and Save the Planet

Do you have a lot of useless junk just lying around. Well why not trade that junk for stuff you actually want and save the environment.

Switch Planet is an online community where you go to trade your old stuff for new stuff (dvds, electronics, clothing, games, and much more.) and its 100% free to use, no signup fee or anything. With SwitchPlanet, “Use more…waste less."

Also i'd like to add that they have a very good selection of DVD's, CD's and Books.

Go to SwitchPlanet.com

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Top 9 Fitness Myths - Busted

How many of you believe that running on a treadmill reduces stress on your knees as opposed to running on asphalt. Unless you've been living in the wilderness, you've probaly heard this fitness myth. Guess what, it's not true. Web MD has tackled 9 of the most popular age old myths to do with fitness. Here's two that were ingrained into my head at one point.

Fitness Myth No. 6: If you're not working up a sweat, you're not working hard enough.

"Sweating is not necessarily an indicator of exertion," says Tyne. "Sweating is your body’s way of cooling itself."

It's possible to burn a significant number of calories without breaking a sweat: Try taking a walk or doing some light weight training.

Fitness Myth No. 7: As long as you feel OK when you're working out, you're probably not overdoing it.

One of the biggest mistakes people tend to make when starting or returning to an exercise program is doing too much too soon. The reason we do that, says Schlifstein, is because we feel OK while we are working out.

"You don't really feel the overdoing it part until a day or two later," he says.

No matter how good you feel when you return to an activity after an absence, Schlifstein says you should never try to duplicate how much or how hard you worked in the past. Even if you don't feel it at the moment, you'll feel it in time, he says -- and it could take you back out of the game again.

Ignorance is not an excuse, learn your fitness facts.

Top 9 Fitness Myths -- Busted!
[via webmd]

What Is Social Bookmarking?

This is a great little clip for everyone that doesn't know the in and outs of social bookmarking. It's very clear, simple and to the point, you won't be left asking "what is he talking about".

With special focus on Del.icio.us leelefever, explains what social bookmarking is, how to setup up your deli.cio.us account, and why social bookmarking is so much better.

How to Photograph the Moon

Via my Submit Your Link Program, Anna from the My Only Photo Blog sent in an excellent post that deserves individual recognition. How to Take Photos of the Moon.


Raise your hand if you've ever taken a picture of the moon which looked good on the little screen but when you downloaded it onto your computer, it turned out blurry and over exposed. Yes, All photographers have been there.

Using her Cannon EOS 20D DSLR, Anna guides you through the process of taking the perfect moon photo. No more over exposed shots. Judging by her website she is a real pro with this. That's her photo on the left.

The First Few Steps

Ensure that camera is stable (rest on hard surface or tripod), however, I was able to get away with any kind of support.
Change Metering Mode (the most important item on the list)
> Change to Partial
Set Exposure Program
> Change to Shutter Priority (Tv) , camera will choose an appropriate aperture (Av)
> Adjust Shutter Priority speed to 1/400 sec or 1/800 sec, 400 or 800 number on the menu...." ....Continue Reading Guide

Everyones camera is not the same so think of this as basic guidelines and tweak them slightly for your individual needs, once you become proficient.

How to Take Photos of the Moon [via myonlyphoto.blogspot.com]


Submit Your Favorite Post to Intellimind

Find Free Internet Outside the House: WeFi

Now a days having an internet connection is one of those essential needs, probably right under hunger and shelter. But as you all know the internet isn't everywhere, leave your house or work and your left in a vast internet less or pay for use internet world. This is where WeFi makes it's debut. Rather than drive around scouring the neighborhood for an open access point, WeFi, which seems to be combo of WiFi and WeFind, does the work for you.

I wont get into much details, but basically it's user generated, meaning people are encouraged to add free hotspots onto the WeFi maps for the rest of the globe to access. As of now theres 35186 points mapped, and by the time your reading this, I'm sure it will have grown

Its a great idea, and comes in handy when your without your own internet connection.

Check it out at http://wefi.com/

DuggorNot: A Must Have Tool for All Digg Users

Finally a tool of such a necessity has arisen. I am fan of Digg but i believe it has some major errors. One being there is no such feature that allows one to view all your submitted posts, comments on those posts, and the amount of diggs all at once. Duggornot is here to fill that gap, and they have big plans.

This little utility allows you to view all stories submitted by any Digg user, not just your own. It's super simple and quite useful. Just type in the users name, hit search and page much like the one in the picture below appears.

Duggornot is great for monitoring all your submitted stories for comments and diggs, without having to manually check every single page. Everyone Digg user should try this out.

Update: I accidentally messed up on the format of this post and embedded the whole duggornot utility onto my site. Apparently, this tool can be placed on any site for even faster access. I'm sure that was their intention though.

Copy and Paste this code into an html to get this utility on your site

[via Duggornot.com]

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94 Places To Get Design Inspiration - FreelanceSwitch

This one is for all those designers out there, if you've ever started a project from scratch, looking at that white page can be pretty menacing. Where to start? Freelance Switch has been combing the web and has found 94 different places to help kick start that mind of yours. From icons, websites, books, logos, and fashion, FreelanceSwitch has inspiration down.

Here are some examples

Showcases the most graphically appeasing sites, logos, business cards on the web

Another showcase of the brightest and the best sites around the web

A haven of inspiration for graphic designers. tutorials and many logos to check out

This incredible database deserves to be bookmarked for future reference. Check the other 91 out at FreelanceSwitch.

34 Places to Get Design Inspiration - Online and Off
[via FreelanceSwitch]
60 More Places to Get Design Inspiration - Online and Off [via FreelanceSwitch]

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Easy Money with Revver

Heres a site where you can make some easy money: Revver. Reever is much like youtube in the sense, you upload videos where everyone can watch them. In fact it's just like youtube, except you get paid and they stress originality. To upload you must authenticate yourself as the one who created this video, no copyright infringement here.

What Revver Says
Revver is the "the viral video network that pays. We connect video makers and sharers with sponsors in a free and open marketplace that rewards them for doing what they do best."

How to Get Paid
You make money by simply uploading your own video. The Revver team implements targeted advertisements to the first few seconds of your video, and then you split the ad revenue generated, 50/50.

But lets say your not up to uploading a video on the web, well people that share/display any Revver videos on their sites earn 20% of the revenue. So no work, just embed a clip you enjoy on your site, and when someone watches it, get your pay.

Maybe 50/50 isn't doing it for you. Then create your video and host it on your social community site, myspace, friendster, etc. and earn 70% of the profits.

Some Revver Money Making Tips from The Creators

"Embed videos as comments on your friends' social networking pages!

Post a widget with your favorite videos in the sidebar of your blog.

Create a podcast of your favorite type of videos. Are you more into sports or video games?

Send a daily email to your friends linking them to your favorite videos.

Podcast your videos to iTunes and the Democracy player.

Submit your videos to social bookmarking and news sites like del.icio.us and digg.com."
Have you ever seen Ask A Ninja? - Here he is on Revver

Also the video interface looks quite a lot nicer than youtube's, check it out with the link below or click on the video

Link to Revver

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Submit Your Site on Intellimind

There's so much on the web, the truth is one person can't find all the good stuff. That's why i've created a new little feature.

If you have a particularly good post, blog, article, movie, or anything, you can now submit it. Every week i will post what i find to be the greatest articles out there on the web, and include a little review of each.

if your a blogger or would like to generate some website traffic, this can be particularly beneficial for you to submit, your post will be on a special post dedicated to this new service.

Click Below

Submit your Site [via intellimind]

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