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Turn $.01 into $10,000,000: Moola

Moola is one of the more interesting (i'll elaborate on interesting later) and highly addictive sites ive seen on the web. The basic concept behind moola is, keep doubling the $.o1 your given by moola until you reach $10,000,000. You double your money by playing games against other poeple in your money bracket ie. you have 10cents you play someone else with 10cents, beat them, and you get the 10cents and they return to 1cent.

Right now there are three games, but they are adding to the list

Hi-Lo (guess whether the next card is higher or lower than the one you see now)
R0 Sham Bo (Rock, Paper, Scissors)
Gold Rush ( A 2-player game of strategy, in which the most clever bidder goes home with the Gold! First player to reach 32 points will be declared the winner.)

There's also a ton of bonus's to save and win money on, they give away $36,000 daily. Plus every 24 hours your guaranteed one free spin to win up to $9000.

This site is by invite only so i have a thing going, Subscribe to my blog, comment this article and ill send one your way. I wont ask for any sort of authentication, i'm using the trust system. Hopefully it works. Do note ill consider the people first that can tell me what the the last button says on every feed, hint "save to ...."

Contact me here
with the answer

Enjoy via moola.com

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John said...

i would like one. email to spades13@gmal.com

MiniMarie said...

I would like to see what it's all about it. My email address is on the sidebar of my site (right side, just above the blogging communities).
And the answer to your question, I believe, is Google Bookmarks ;)
Thank you!

Alex (Intellimind) said...

john you should have received your's and minimarie, your's is on its way as i'm typing this. Enjoy

Anonymous said...

hi, i'd like to check out this game, too! :) my email: mafald.ar (a) gmail. com


Alex (Intellimind) said...

hey mafalda, your's has been sent

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