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Many a times some really memorable posts from the past are lost in a sea of new blog posts. Some of you may just be looking at this blog for the first, others of you are loyal readers, whatever it may be, i'm implementing a new plan into the my blog. Since lots of my posts are 'timeless,' meaning they applied back then just as much as now, every few weeks i'll post an article reiterating some noteworthy posts in the life of Intellimind.

With a collection 62 posts so far on intellimind it can be hard to find the best of the best so let me bring to attention some that deserve recognition
The noteworthy posts

Supercharge your Reading with Spreeder : an online app to for reading tremendously. Useful for increasing how many words you read per minute.

Free Music & Find Anything on the Web Free with Ninjabot: Free Music (Project Find Music) searches googles indexed sites to find you your selected music. NinjaBot searches main upload sites ie megaupload, mediafire, etc. to find anything you want, free of charge

Finding your Passion
: Three articles written by Steve Pavlina about how to find your passion in life.

Orb 2.0 for all your Media Needs: Streams all your media over the internet onto any computer, xbox360, or other gaming console. Plus some additional features like myTV.

33 Ways to Work your Brain: the new list over at projectriran all to do with working your mind.

Practical Flashcards: Quizlet
: For the students out there, this web based app boasts a powerful new way to study with flashcards

Top 8 Post it Note Apps: The best apps out there that mimic the common household post it note, except on your computer.

Free Everything Ipod Book v3.0
: Pretty much as it says, a book published by the famous ipodlounge dealing with everything to do with an ipod and its completely free.

6 Tips and Tricks: Cleaner Workspace: 6 of my best tips for a more organized, simpler workspace

Never Study Again: Holistic Learning: yep, implement this new learning technique into your life and you'll realize studying before a test was a thing of the past

How to Make an Effective Business Card: some tips, steps, and necessary sites for making an effective yet well designed business card

Those were just a few that i thought i should mention, enjoy

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