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Locked your keys in your Car?

Have you ever locked your keys in your car? Most of us have been there. After the initial anger/pain wears off, its time to start thinking resourcefully. Once upon a time your only options where to use a coat hanger (but who has one of those), call a service, not only is that expensive but it can take a pretty long time, or perhaps you can smash open your window (but that may be a little to drastic and costly).

There's also another tactic that has been debuting around the web with much dispute . Use a tennis ball. Numerous accounts have proved that this only works on a certain type of lock. So it may not be viable source for many off you, but for the few it does work for heres the short clip on how to do it.

Blondie Unlocks Car - Awesome video clips here

Now for the main and most effective trick in this article. All you need is a cellphone, remote, and person. Many cars come with a spare remote that will end up residing somewhere in your house/apartment which can be used for this trick. Here how to do it

How to unlock your car with a cellphone

1. Whip out your cell phone and dial your home (hopefully somewhere is there to pickup)

2. Once the call is answered, have the person in the house locate your spare key

3. Have the person press the unlock button into the phone while you hold your phone towards your car.

4. Car is now unlock, retrieve key that was previously locked in the car and enjoy

Its that simple and works.

While I'm on the topic of cars i have one last trick.
How to amplify your car remotes range.

You've probaly noticed when your 50 yards from your car the remote ceases to unlock and lock your doors. Heres a simply hack to increase that distance, using your head. And there really is science behind it.

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