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Get your Invites to those Private Sites: InviteShare

InviteShare has recently created some major attention with they're new service , they've created a site where people exchange their private invitations for private invitations to another site they so desire. Many of those most wanted sites now a days seem to be released in beta mode as invitation only. It can be very vexing to the common user that really would like to join this upcoming site but doesnt have the the connections. This is where InviteShare comes in, this community driven network will connect you to people that want to invite you. Expect to receive a whole bunch of invites instantly.

At the moment there are 44 available invite sites to choose from, including some of the most elusive out there ie demonoid and scyrbe and few other notable sites, 8apps and GrandCentral.

View All 45 Available Invite Sites (and growing)

The site is a truly genius concept. But some questions may have arisen in your mind, like what is the incentive to send out invites, why not just receive. Basically the more invites you send out, the more priority you have over other users. Therefore your not going to have to wait a century to get an invite to that site you always wanted to join.

Also the site is well built, and has that fresh 2.0 look to it, so it's quite appeasing in a design sense.

So if your looking for any invitations to private sites, bookmark this page, and when the time arises, InviteShare will connect you.

InviteShare Homepage
Straight to SignUp Page

note: this is not a paid review, im so throughly satisfied with this site, i thought i must write about it.

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Hin Man said...

I love your site!!!! It is very different than others. Very refreshing with tech ideas and things learned in the web. I am very much nourished with new finds with few minutes in your blog. I've fav you in technorati and I will write a proper review in your blogcatalog later on. Time runs very thin for me and thank you so much for dropping me a note; otherwise, I would have missed a great blog. I really love your blog, I wish I have your wits and the template you have have, all in all good stuff. Will visit, remind me if my face don't show up.

Hin Man said...

Oh, I want to write you back with links to my blogs

Hin's Tech Blog

Hin's Photo Blog

for you to visit and fav back if you happen to like them. They are not as kool as your blog and I need all feedbacks and comments I need to improve to your level.

fav #1 and fav #2

Alex (Intellimind) said...

thanks so much for all the great comments and you support. Im glad you enjoy it. I added you to my technocrati.

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