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What Intelli Mind is and isn't

First Off
This blog revolves around the idea that people have the innate desire to learn and grow. If you fit into these categories, then continue on.

This is not a 'self help' website, or at least not the conventional 'fix all your problems stuff,' I would hate that my site be placed into the ever controversial self help section where it would sadly go to waste. I simply don't believe in the idea that one book or site will make your life the perfect life. There is no perfect life. You've got to go out there and experience life whether it be failure or success. If your looking for instant self help, this is not the site for you.

I do believe that one may develops skill sets to aid them in their constant pursuit for improvement. This site will help one develop these skill sets. Imagine a skill set as a program on a computer. Lets say you want to edit a photo but you don’t have photo editing software, then you’ll be unable to edit your photo (obviously). An unorganized person is much like this, they lack the necessary skill set to be organized so ultimately they don’t know how to be organized. Intelli Mind, like the computer program, is resource to access where you can learn these skill sets. I provide tips, tricks, applications, etc, and you pick and choose what works for you. And that’s only one section of this site.

There are three main categories that i will most often be touching upon and on occasion will intermingle with each other.

Computer Applications: ranging from the simplistic of apps that ‘customize your’ itunes, to more complex apps that organize your work load. I find programs that will make your life easier, more organized, and more functional. And then just plain fun apps.

Psychology: Rather than be a self help site that would fail to explain the deeper aspects of human beings, i will cover the science side of psychology. I’ve always wanted to know why we do what we do, meaning why do we behave the way we do, and why we all perceive things differently. I’ll tackle the why’s and the how’s to do with human behavior. Hopefully from attaining a deeper understanding of our existence, you’ll be able to improve upon yourself with your newly attained knowledge.

Tips, Trick, and How To: Though I’ll most likely dwell on organizing, being more productive, etc (some of my greatest problems), nearly any tips I find important will go here. If you notice some of my past posts, I’ve written from how to use your own hard drive on your xbox360 all the way to organizing your workspace.

These three sections will not be everything I post, i'll also have some completely random, but intriguing stuff too, so be prepared for a surprise.

Now you know the basics, I hope you enjoy


Bryn Robinson said...

Thanks for the comments on my blog! Had to stop by for a visit - nice job!

I like that you state that you are not a self-help site, and that a book or a site isn't going to make your life perfect! People often equate psychology with "solving all my woes". It's good that you're promoting the science of human behaviour, and not the pop culture!


Angela said...

Kewl! I like all the interesting sites and apps you share here that you don't see anywhere else.

You're finding unique stuff to share with all.

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Update: im in the process of a new site design, and im sorry for a the huge ads that seemed to appear at the bottom of posts, im in the process of correcting that