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Rice: the Cure for Soaked Gadgets

Have you've jumped into a pool only later to find out you still had your cell phone on you? Or maybe you just accidentally dropped some gadget into water.

Whatever the case may be, your not alone, a reporter for the Washington Post dropped his blackberry into a toilet. In is his plight to resurrect his phone he discovered that by leaving the device in a bowl of uncooked rice overnight, the rice will suck the water out the water logged device. Lucky for him it ended happily, the blackberry was brought back from the dead and now we know about rice's super absorbent properties.

Ive also heard that silica gel also works for soaked gadgets. Since the purpose of the rice is to absorb the water, i would imagine silica gel would work more effectively since its such an aggressive water absorber, but I've never tried it for myself.

So if you've dropped a gadget into the water, a good idea would be first to take out the battery (you don't want any short circuits) and then drop it into a bowl of rice overnight. Then tell me how it turned out, since i don't have an precious gadgets to waste.

Link to Washington Post article

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