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6 Tips and Tricks: Organize your Workspace

Maybe its just me but the feeling of having a perfectly clean desk is revitalizing. I can spread out more, keep things in order, and be more productive. Plus ive heard that you can tell a lot about someone by their 'workstation,' if their station is disorganized, then they're likely an unreliable person. Either way having an organized desk is a must.

Heres some quick tips to combat the junk monster.

1. Pocket Things: have a designated place for all the stuff in your pockets: wallet, keys, cell phone. Maybe a little basket next to your desk, or a drawer dedicated to your pocket stuff. Then when your going out you won't be searching for your keys or electronics, everything will be conveniently right there.

2. No more Post Its: I used to post it notes but they would just pile up, ending up scattered all over my desk. Rather use a single booklet for notes. Or perhaps just use computer notes, theres tons of programs out there for making virtual post it notes. I happen to use stikkit. If you have a mac try out the dashboard note feature

3. Donate Pens: Do you really need 20 pens lying all over the place? You really only need one or two for each color your using, so go throw the others out or donate them. If you happen to have bonded with them and would not like to give them up, think about storing them away for future use, just don't leave them around your desk

4. Toss Old Prints: Have you ever printed a draft of something just to check out how it looks on paper. I have. And every time i leave it on my desk adding to the pile of previously printed paper. So from now on, every time you print a piece of a paper and you've used it for the reason you printed it off, throw it away immediately. Don't think about throwing it away, just do it.

5. Don't bring food or drinks to the desk:
Every time i eat or drink at my desk, i seem to leave a little reminder of past meal i just munched upon and I'm sure your do the same. So don't let it get that far, just don't bring food to the workstation. Also you might get your keyboard sticky, i hate that part about eating.

6. Take it to the next level: If you really just cant organize, your just to lazy, try this alternative tactic. Take everything off your desk, just swipe it all off. Be sure to remove fragile things first. Now that theres a huge mess on the ground, you're going to have to do something with it. Hopefully this will motivate you to only put the absolutely necessary stuff back on your desk.

Some things to remember.

Don't just clean your desk once a month, i once did this. I would make it spotless and then after a month it would be once again filled with useless stuff. To fix this organize as you go, every time you place something on your desk, think do i need this, or should i file it away. If its absolutely necessary at the moment than keep it at your desk otherwise, see that it goes away.

Organize everyday. At the end of the day spend 2 minutes checking to see if there isnt anything you don't need at your desk. ie. if pens are scattered around put them back were you go before you leave.

Future Post: Tackle those cables ( i happen to be a cable fiend)

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1 comment:

Fawn said...

Great article. I love all the tips, they are practical and I can tell that you actually do these things. Nice site, too!

Fawn Chang


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