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Top 8 Post it Note Apps

A little follow up on the last post. I thought i should elaborate more on some useful note taking services. This list will help put an end to the conventional post it note. It's about time you start using computer notes

stikkit: simple, easy app. basically a replica of the normal post it note on your computer

Ta-da Lists: this online to-do, note taking list is extremely user friendly and useful at the same time, plus the program doesn't have to be downloaded just access your account online.

Rainlendar To Do list section: Read my more in depth post on rainlendar

Zoho Notebook: Read my Zoho Post for more information

Google Notebook: and online note taker by no other than Google of course, easly take clips from the web, and write your own reminders.

: slightly better than google notebook in my opinion, notefish allows you to take clips from the web with its browser extension. an excellent site for organizing your web research.

mynoteIT: primarily for students, notes must be arranged by classes. But that shouldn't be problem since you can name the classes whatever you'd like. I really like this one so I'll be posting a special on it later. but if you are a student then you'll find this one befitting

Notezz: Perhaps the simplest online note taker. If you like simple then pick this. There's only Five buttons on the site, new note, logout, change password, and delete account. The last button is a cool feature that allows you to download the note for whatever reason.

I have accounts on everysingle site, or have downloaded the app. If you've got any questions about them just ask away.

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Eugene Mizin said...

Eugene from Notefish (http://www.notefish.com/) here. Thanks for the mention!

Notefish comes in particularly handy with photos, side-by-side comparisons, and generally offers a great way to organize notes - all with very few clicks. Here are a couple of illustrations:
- shopping for a house: http://notefish.com/notes.php?p=159
- sharing trip photos: http://notefish.com/notes.php?p=2661
- notes for a trip to Vegas: http://www.notefish.com/notes.php?p=643

We hope Notefish can simplify web research and note-taking for more people, and we would love to hear people’s feedback - write to us at info@notefish.com.


Eugene Mizin
Notefish team

Anonymous said...

Thanks, good short article -- helped me heaps! :)

PS: I found this through Digg browsing as a guest. :)

Alex from Intelli Mind said...

haha, im glad it was useful for you, thanks for the support. until later

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