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A Better Way to Detect Lies

An interesting article from TimesOnline has recently been published on a new police interview technique stating that by asking a subject to tell a their story in reverse order, they would be more likely to give away their lie.

"Researchers from the University of Portsmouth claim that the best way to spot a lie is to make the suspect repeat his or her version of events in reverse order."

In a £136,000 project funded by the Economic and Social Research Council, researches tried both the traditional police interview method and the reverse order tactic also known as "cognitive load interviews." The results concluded that officers were more likely to detect a liar when the subjects were asked to recall them in reverse order.

The theory behind the method is that since it takes more energy to tell a lie, asking the potential liar to tell their story in reverse order would put a considerable amount of strain on them. Liars tend to tell their story in strict chronological, so changing up the order of the story will be too difficult says Professor Vrij, one of the researches of this study.

Link to full article [via timesonline]

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