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Apple Shortcut Keys

Not many know how to use mac's shortcut keys. So i thought i would briefly post this article to enlighten you all on some useful quick key functions. Cheers to saving priceless seconds of your computing time.

These are the commands i use on a regular basis, for a complete list refer to the link at the bottom of the page.

command + delete                            delete a folder

command + W                            close window

option + command + w          close all windows

command + Q                            close entire application

command + M                           minimizes current open window

command + H                            hide current window

command + F                            search within open window

command + tab                      scroll between open windows

command + shift + 3             take a picture of the screen

command + shift + 4             take a selected picture

option + command + esc          force quit menu

Every Mac OS X keyboard shortcut [apple]

There will soon be a follow on mac's expose shortcuts.

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