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3 Website Email Hacks

Make the most of email with these three useful sites, Deadfake, Willselfdestruct, and spambox.

Deadfake Free anonymous email

simply said deadfake allows you to send emails from any email address you choose, even .gov's. Granted the site is probaly most commonly used for pranks, if your looking for anonymous mail for the sake of anonymity, this is the place to come. Also, like the other two sites, theres no sign up fee of any sort, just log on and send away.

Self Destruct: Free Secure Email

Willselfdestruct enables you to send out self destructing emails. If you happen to want an email to stay off the record, send out one of these. The recipient will receive a link directing them to a secure page that can only be displayed once.You set how long the email can be displayed for before it 'blows up.' Though the text can't be selected and copied, i would imagine if someone really wanted to save your email they would take a photo of it, so think wisely before using if for ultra secure proposes.

Spambox: Say no to Spam
Many sites ask you for an email vertification to register or download software. But are they always trustworthy? The reason why you may be receiving a ton of spam could be from giving away your email address to these untrustworthy sites. This is where spambox comes in. Spambox allows you to create a temporary email address that will forward emails to your regular email. So rather than enter your real email into the website, enter a temporary spambox email. All emails from the site will be transfered to your real email, but once the spambox expires the unknown website will no longer have an email on you.

1 comment:

anonymous email said...

Free anonymous email? I wonder how these sites can guarantee anonymity if they are doing business inside the USA?

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