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The 10 Best Widgets

Hit f12 on your keyboard and one of my favorite mac features that comes with apple OS X tiger appears, Dashboard. Dashboard organizes your favorite widgets to appear on your screen at the click of a button. A widget is basically a little application that can help you save time, be more productive, check the the status of things, and check other common tasks, all at a glance.

Yet as incredible as it is, Dashboard is often overlooked. With all those completely useless widgets out there, no wonder why people don't use it as often. It's really a matter of weeding through the overabundance of purposeless ones to find those few gems out there.

Here i have compiled what i have found to be the the most useful/practical/productive widgets on the web today.

So i present to you my top 10 14 must have mac widgets

1. JiWire Hotspot: single handedly find and manage your wireless internet connections with this widget. What separates it from all the other internet connection widgets is its feature that searches for free or paid internet within your specified area. Enter the proximity of your location and Jiwire will find all hotspots in the area.

2. Image Upload: personally one of my most used widgets, great for quick and easy uploading of photos. Drag your photo onto this widget where it will upload it onto to imageshack, privately and with no account needed. The resulting link is converted into a TinyUrl and copied straight onto your clipboard for instant linking.

3. Callwave: completely free "visual voicemail" for your phone. Sort and listen to all your voicemail messages straight from this widget.

4-5. Stickies & Notepad: Default with a every mac with dashboard, stickies is the simplest way to jot down little reminders. Customize post it color, font, and font size too. If your stikkies are beggining to hog up room on your dashboard, Notepad may be a better choice, unlike Mac's Stikkies, Notepad allows you to place all your notes in one widget to reduce clutter.

6. Istat Pro: The greatest of all system monitoring widgets. Features detailed information on "CPU's. memory, hard drives, IP and external IP, bandwith, wireless keyboard and mouse battery, uptime, temperatures, and fans" all of which can either be hidden or shown on the widget panel.

7. Jack of all Widgets: a multi-search tool. Access tons of commonly used web searches from a little search bar widget. "It allows the user to type in a search and send it to one or more of dozens of different websites. The websites can be chosen by popup menu, or specified in the search itself (command-line style)."

8. Sigalert: displays the latest traffic map for the local freeway traffic around your area. Check it before you go out to see how fast the freeway is moving.
also check out TrafficGuage

9. Delivery Status: As easy as it gets, track all your packages in transit, from any service ie UPS, Fedex, amazon, google, etc. Additionally set it send email notifications and popup messages.

10. Bluetooth Texter: Connect to your phone via bluetooth to send text messages. Select a phone number from a drop down list straight from your address book, type your message and simply send it.

UPDATE: More Widgets

Since i wrote this post, i've found some more useful widgets for keeping you on top of things. So heres a few more mac widgets to add to the list

: Keep track of time spent on your tasks, with different color timers.

AirTrafficControl: an alternative to JWire. Nice and small

Buzztracker: Find where all the latest news is coming from

Icliplite: I cant sum it up much better than their description "iClip lite is a multiple clipboard & scrapbook widget designed to improve your efficiency and productivity for most tasks you do on your computer. It enables you to quickly store and retrieve snippets of information like text, pictures, Internet addresses and more in its multiple “clip bins”."

Incredibly useful when you need fast access to a bunch of copied strands of text or links

Learn more about Dashboard [link]

To find a mega amount of widgets visit...

Apple - Downloads - Dashboard

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Charlie said...

this is such a useful post but i think theres one more. #11 dictionary and thesaurus that comes standard on macs.

keep up the excellent work.

Anonymous said...

great list

Anonymous said...

i found this via stumbleupon it's a very useful list thanks

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