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Digital Photography School

Digital Photography School is perhaps the greatest site (that's regularly updated) on the web. Run by ProBlogger Darren Rowse, DPS is clean, simple, and really gets to the point.

It's broken down into 3 main categories, Tips, Connect, and Upgrade, though i mostly focus on tips. Inside the tips column he has every sort of camera technique, trick, post production editing (photoshop) tip that you'll ever need for photography.

Here's the complete list from the tips category, for Beginners to Experts.

Case Studies
Composition Tips
Cameras and Gear
Get a Random Tip
Other Tips
Portrait Photography
Post Production Tips
Tips for Beginners
Travel Photography

What i like.
- I love the simplicity of the site, no crazy banner ads, very simplistic design
- All his posts are very well organized into the columns mentioned above
- Since it is a blog, its regularly updated, always new information coming in
- To get all the high quality photos used on the posts, DPS runs a neighborhood flickr site, where members can submit their photography which could possible gain recognition by ending up on DPS. So you get to see some incredible photos in the posts.
- great little video tutorials for post production in photoshop

What i dont like
Rarely do i find i site that has few to no problems, but DPS really is top of the line in photography. I really enjoy every aspect of DPS. If i happen to find some faults with it in the future i'll be sure to update this posts

Check out some of the posts that i particularly enjoy on DPS
How to Photograph Fireworks
How to Photograph Silhouettes in 8 Easy Steps
5 Techniques for Enhancing Contrast in Digital Photos
Introduction to Shutter Speed in Digital Photography
Introduction to Aperture in Digital Photography

*This is not a paid review, I'm writing about this site out of the kindness that my being exudes*

The Missing Square: Where Did the Square Go?

Re-arrange the upper triangle to make the lower triangle and you get an empty square. How could this occur?

First, figure it out for yourself, post your your conclusion and i will reveal the truth tomorrow
Good luck

Complete Anonymity on the Web : XeroBank

Now a days being totally anonymous is virtually impossible, luckily for you, the people at tor park now called XeroBank have done it, they've created a completely anonymous browser extension for Firefox. They are the kings of anonymity.

What XeroBank Anonymous Browser is
XeroBank provides complete privacy on the web no matter where you are via flash drive. It works by sending your information through its off shore "onion" servers. This means that people will be unable to trace anything back to you, ensuring privacy while browsing.

Straight from their site:

· Anonymous Web Surfing
· Encrypted Offshore Email
· 200Kbps - 500Kbps SSH
· Custom xB Browser
· No Logs, No Monitoring
· Anonymous Billing
· Security Audits
· XeroBank Secrecy

The Good

- XeroBank can be downloaded to a flash drive and then plugged into to any computer to create an anonymous browser. Great for security on the go. It can also run straight from your hard drive and functions just like firefox. Basically a completely secure Firefox.

- Also i found the browser incredibly easy to use, you can toggle between privacy on and off by clicking the onion in the browser, it will be impossible to miss it.

- Complete Anonymity

The Bad
Since XeroBank provides complete anonymity, the free version can be unbearably slow (unless you purchase the upgrade).

If your willing to sacrifice speed or pay for complete anonymity, then this is what you want. XeroBank also provides other services, such as secure email and many plans. Ive just detailed the main browser but be sure to browse around their site to find more packages and other services. XeroBank | Home

Download XeroBank Browser Here

in depth look at XeroBank
Wikipedia - XeroBank

Remove 'locked' (DRM) itunes songs

If you have a mac and itunes, im sure you've noticed the limits on sharing/using songs purchased on itunes. You can only share with a certain amount of people, it only works on certain media players, the restrictions are endless, and personally i cant stand the limit on authorized accounts itunes allows.

This is where DRM dumpster makes its debut. DRM dumpster will turned your DRM or 'protected' tracks into a standard unencrypted audio files and into any audio format you choose (MP3, AAC, Apple Lossles, AIFF, or WAV files) . Using a CD-RW (rewritable) and itunes, DRM dumpster removes that protection, hence allowing you play your music on any player or share with anyone.

Say no to restrictions on your music

Download DRM Dumpster

Related Information:
What is DRM?

How to Whistle

Ive always been able to whistle just with my mouth but completely incompetent when it came to whistling with my hands.

Suprisingly these instructions worked. I'm now proud to say that i can whistle with my hands. Try it out for yourself.

How to Whistle for those that CAN NOT Whistle [via intrstuctables]

The Ultimate Online Photography Toolbox

Perhaps the most comprehensive list of photography resources and tools I've ever seen. It's broken down into 10 sections, all to do with some sort of aspect of online photography.

This is defiantly worth bookmarking for future reference, since there's just so many useful sites listed here. My favorite section has to be

Stock Photo

- royalty-free images for low prices; there aren’t any completely free photos here, but photo quality is above average
Fotolia - Another cheap royalty-free image provider, with nearly 2 million photos in stock
SXC.hu - one of the best (and biggest) repositories of completely free stock photography on the net.
MorgueFile - provides completely free photos; no registration required to download.
PixelPerfectDigital - 5000+ free stock photos
StockXpert - the commercial arm of Stock Xchange; offers cheap but quality royalty-free material
Alamy - Alamy is a search engine for stock photos which boasts millions of images from thousands of photographers, picture agencies and national collections. The site does the editing and classification of the images.

And then there 9 more section even more detailed than this one

Photography Toolbox [via mashable.com]

The 10 Best Widgets

Hit f12 on your keyboard and one of my favorite mac features that comes with apple OS X tiger appears, Dashboard. Dashboard organizes your favorite widgets to appear on your screen at the click of a button. A widget is basically a little application that can help you save time, be more productive, check the the status of things, and check other common tasks, all at a glance.

Yet as incredible as it is, Dashboard is often overlooked. With all those completely useless widgets out there, no wonder why people don't use it as often. It's really a matter of weeding through the overabundance of purposeless ones to find those few gems out there.

Here i have compiled what i have found to be the the most useful/practical/productive widgets on the web today.

So i present to you my top 10 14 must have mac widgets

1. JiWire Hotspot: single handedly find and manage your wireless internet connections with this widget. What separates it from all the other internet connection widgets is its feature that searches for free or paid internet within your specified area. Enter the proximity of your location and Jiwire will find all hotspots in the area.

2. Image Upload: personally one of my most used widgets, great for quick and easy uploading of photos. Drag your photo onto this widget where it will upload it onto to imageshack, privately and with no account needed. The resulting link is converted into a TinyUrl and copied straight onto your clipboard for instant linking.

3. Callwave: completely free "visual voicemail" for your phone. Sort and listen to all your voicemail messages straight from this widget.

4-5. Stickies & Notepad: Default with a every mac with dashboard, stickies is the simplest way to jot down little reminders. Customize post it color, font, and font size too. If your stikkies are beggining to hog up room on your dashboard, Notepad may be a better choice, unlike Mac's Stikkies, Notepad allows you to place all your notes in one widget to reduce clutter.

6. Istat Pro: The greatest of all system monitoring widgets. Features detailed information on "CPU's. memory, hard drives, IP and external IP, bandwith, wireless keyboard and mouse battery, uptime, temperatures, and fans" all of which can either be hidden or shown on the widget panel.

7. Jack of all Widgets: a multi-search tool. Access tons of commonly used web searches from a little search bar widget. "It allows the user to type in a search and send it to one or more of dozens of different websites. The websites can be chosen by popup menu, or specified in the search itself (command-line style)."

8. Sigalert: displays the latest traffic map for the local freeway traffic around your area. Check it before you go out to see how fast the freeway is moving.
also check out TrafficGuage

9. Delivery Status: As easy as it gets, track all your packages in transit, from any service ie UPS, Fedex, amazon, google, etc. Additionally set it send email notifications and popup messages.

10. Bluetooth Texter: Connect to your phone via bluetooth to send text messages. Select a phone number from a drop down list straight from your address book, type your message and simply send it.

UPDATE: More Widgets

Since i wrote this post, i've found some more useful widgets for keeping you on top of things. So heres a few more mac widgets to add to the list

: Keep track of time spent on your tasks, with different color timers.

AirTrafficControl: an alternative to JWire. Nice and small

Buzztracker: Find where all the latest news is coming from

Icliplite: I cant sum it up much better than their description "iClip lite is a multiple clipboard & scrapbook widget designed to improve your efficiency and productivity for most tasks you do on your computer. It enables you to quickly store and retrieve snippets of information like text, pictures, Internet addresses and more in its multiple “clip bins”."

Incredibly useful when you need fast access to a bunch of copied strands of text or links

Learn more about Dashboard [link]

To find a mega amount of widgets visit...

Apple - Downloads - Dashboard

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20 Ways to Maximize your Free Time

If you've got a little bit of free time maybe 5-10 minutes, then put that time to use. Try out these 20 productivity tips to maximize your time from lifehack.org. My favorites have to be these three.

Clear off desk. Similar to the filing tip above, but this applies to whatever junk you’ve got cluttering up your desk. Or on the floor around your desk. Trash stuff, file stuff, put it in its place. A clear desk makes for a more productive you. And it’s oddly satisfying.

Outline. Similar to brainstorming, but more formal. I like to do an outline of a complicated article, report or project, and it helps speed things along when I get to the actual writing. And it only takes a few minutes.

Get prepped. Outlining is one way to prep for longer work, but there’s a lot of other ways you can prep for the next task on your list. You may not have time to actually start on the task right now, but when you come back from your meeting or lunch, you’ll be all prepped and ready to go.

20 productive ways to use your free time via [lifehack.org]

USB Rechargeable Batteries

At first glance this may appear to be a normal AA battery, but pop off the top and inside a you'll notice a usb head. Stick USBCELL right into your laptop, or and other USB device and juice them up.

These batteries turn your usb port into a charging station. Charge up the batteries via the usb port, pop the top back on and your hybrid battery turns back into a normal AA battery to be used in any AA device ie (mouse, controller, camera, etc.)

Since they are rechargeable, there's no need to buy new ones and unlike the conventional rechargeable batteries, no separate charger station or cords are needed
just you, your batteries, and your laptop.

Buy them here via usbcell.com

Text the world with Wiffiti

This is one very interesting concept, Wiffiti is a service that one may text message to, but rather than text message to another person you literally text message a place.

All over the United States there are screens hung up by Wiffiti that display your text, your text becomes a 'public statement', as wiffiti says, "txt out loud!"

try out wiffiti for yourself, click here

Rice: the Cure for Soaked Gadgets

Have you've jumped into a pool only later to find out you still had your cell phone on you? Or maybe you just accidentally dropped some gadget into water.

Whatever the case may be, your not alone, a reporter for the Washington Post dropped his blackberry into a toilet. In is his plight to resurrect his phone he discovered that by leaving the device in a bowl of uncooked rice overnight, the rice will suck the water out the water logged device. Lucky for him it ended happily, the blackberry was brought back from the dead and now we know about rice's super absorbent properties.

Ive also heard that silica gel also works for soaked gadgets. Since the purpose of the rice is to absorb the water, i would imagine silica gel would work more effectively since its such an aggressive water absorber, but I've never tried it for myself.

So if you've dropped a gadget into the water, a good idea would be first to take out the battery (you don't want any short circuits) and then drop it into a bowl of rice overnight. Then tell me how it turned out, since i don't have an precious gadgets to waste.

Link to Washington Post article

Write a book in 60 days or less

Perhaps you've got a good idea for a book but can't get around to actually writing it. Well with this instructable, your book may actually be able to be complete in 60 days or less.

yes i know what your thinking, "thats impossible, your crazy." Lifelearning today does a great job of breaking the writing process down into simpler steps. It also details the planning process, setting the time frame, all the way from the starting of the novel to getting it published. Some great tips for potential book writers.

"Example: Let’s say you commit to 2 hours per day and you’re able to write 3 pages per hour. To write an average length book of 300 pages will take 50 days. ( 300 pages per book/6 pages per day= 50 days)"

How to Write a Book in 60 Days or Less [via lifelearningtoday]

Solutions for 7 Modern Day Annoyances

With new technology that promises to improve your life, there is a contrasting problem to throw you back where you started. The kind people over at lifehack have created a post to combat 7 of your modern day annoyances.

Personally i hate the trouble of getting a live person on a support call, tip 5 helps here,

"5) Get a Live Person on the Phone

Sick of listening to automated menus when you need to ask someone a question over the phone? Well here is the ultimate resource on how to reach a live person:

Get Human
or take a look at the tips in this article, 6 Tips to Reach a Human Operator."

Check it out for yourself

Solutions for 7 Annoying Modern Day Problems [via lifehack.org]

Tricks to Cure your Body

Some very interesting ways to "trick your body into submission." More than half of these tips I've never even heard of, but seem half logical.

A total of 18 all together from tricking your throat to stop itching by scratching your ear to waking up a sleeping limb. Next time an ailment befalls you, be sure to try these out.

"4. Feel no pain!
German researchers have discovered that coughing during an injection can lessen the pain of the needle stick. According to Taras Usichenko, author of a study on the phenomenon, the trick causes a sudden, temporary rise in pressure in the chest and spinal canal, inhibiting the painconducting structures of the spinal cord."

and just a little warning, number 17 does work but could cause you to black out underwater, so watch out when trying that one.

Do you know of any? post them here

trick your body into submission [via EgoDialogues]

Link Mania

Some of the more interesting and useful posts from around the web

73 Great Debt Elimination Tips via zenhabits

What Is Your Current Work Zone? via productivity501

Life is in a Perpetual Beta, so why not business?
via micro persuasion

Power Napping: how to fall asleep anywhere via lifehack

Establishing Routines via unclutter

A Better Way to Detect Lies

An interesting article from TimesOnline has recently been published on a new police interview technique stating that by asking a subject to tell a their story in reverse order, they would be more likely to give away their lie.

"Researchers from the University of Portsmouth claim that the best way to spot a lie is to make the suspect repeat his or her version of events in reverse order."

In a £136,000 project funded by the Economic and Social Research Council, researches tried both the traditional police interview method and the reverse order tactic also known as "cognitive load interviews." The results concluded that officers were more likely to detect a liar when the subjects were asked to recall them in reverse order.

The theory behind the method is that since it takes more energy to tell a lie, asking the potential liar to tell their story in reverse order would put a considerable amount of strain on them. Liars tend to tell their story in strict chronological, so changing up the order of the story will be too difficult says Professor Vrij, one of the researches of this study.

Link to full article [via timesonline]

Keep Your Mac Updated

Mac OS X Only: While browsing around the web, i came upon AppFresh, I've been using it for 2 months now. If you have tons of applications on your mac, im sure you understand how difficult it can be to download updates individually for each app. AppFresh is the answer to this problem, it seamlessly keeps tracks whether or not any application needs an update, and easily downloads them.

"AppFresh helps you to keep all applications (third-party and Apple),
widgets, preference panes and application plugins on your Mac up to
date, from one place. It works by checking the excellent iusethis.com for new versions and lets you download and install available updates easily."

There's some obvious advantages to this. No more will you have to toggle through every app to see whether or not it needs and update, and AppFresh makes the installation process very simple, basically you click update and appfresh does the rest.

I also happen to like that AppFresh is completely free, unlike it rivals, Version Tracker Pro ($50/year) and MacUpdate Desktop ($40/year).

Keep Your Mac Updated with AppFresh

Without a Car?

For all you that prefer public transportation, Google Transit may be able to assist you. What you do is punch in your home address and your destination, and google will guide you there using just public transportation. It also calculates the cost. This hypothetical trip i created above would cost me $1.70.

At this point the service is limited to only certain areas, but it has potential and I'm sure the will build upon their database.


Instant Messenger Anywhere: Meebo

Do you use aol's instant messenger or any other computer based instant messenger? If so then you've probaly noticed that you can only access it on your computer. But what if your on the go and need to use your instant messenger on other computers? This is where meebo comes in.

"meebo.com is a website for instant messaging from absolutely anywhere. Whether you’re at home, on campus, at work, or traveling foreign lands, hop over to meebo.com on any computer to access all of your buddies (on AIM, Yahoo!, MSN, Google Talk, ICQ and Jabber) and chat with them, no downloads or installs required, for free!"
You can also create an account to combine all your contacts from different accounts and save your chat history and preferences. I tend to use this service more often than aim or any other, just because of its simplicity. And yes, your password are completely secure, meebo uses 1024-bit RSA keys to safe you.

Theres also this super cool map that tell where everyone is IMing from, be sure to check that out.

link to meebo

Newsflash: Google Adds PowerPoint Viewer to Gmail

Google has just introduced a new option allowing users to view PowerPoint presentations straight from gmail, via the view as slideshow button.

At this point it's very simple, but Google has announced that it's in the process of creating an online presentation tool that will directly compete with Microsoft. This new option is just the beginning.

Apple Shortcut Keys

Not many know how to use mac's shortcut keys. So i thought i would briefly post this article to enlighten you all on some useful quick key functions. Cheers to saving priceless seconds of your computing time.

These are the commands i use on a regular basis, for a complete list refer to the link at the bottom of the page.

command + delete                            delete a folder

command + W                            close window

option + command + w          close all windows

command + Q                            close entire application

command + M                           minimizes current open window

command + H                            hide current window

command + F                            search within open window

command + tab                      scroll between open windows

command + shift + 3             take a picture of the screen

command + shift + 4             take a selected picture

option + command + esc          force quit menu

Every Mac OS X keyboard shortcut [apple]

There will soon be a follow on mac's expose shortcuts.

What Intelli Mind is and isn't

First Off
This blog revolves around the idea that people have the innate desire to learn and grow. If you fit into these categories, then continue on.

This is not a 'self help' website, or at least not the conventional 'fix all your problems stuff,' I would hate that my site be placed into the ever controversial self help section where it would sadly go to waste. I simply don't believe in the idea that one book or site will make your life the perfect life. There is no perfect life. You've got to go out there and experience life whether it be failure or success. If your looking for instant self help, this is not the site for you.

I do believe that one may develops skill sets to aid them in their constant pursuit for improvement. This site will help one develop these skill sets. Imagine a skill set as a program on a computer. Lets say you want to edit a photo but you don’t have photo editing software, then you’ll be unable to edit your photo (obviously). An unorganized person is much like this, they lack the necessary skill set to be organized so ultimately they don’t know how to be organized. Intelli Mind, like the computer program, is resource to access where you can learn these skill sets. I provide tips, tricks, applications, etc, and you pick and choose what works for you. And that’s only one section of this site.

There are three main categories that i will most often be touching upon and on occasion will intermingle with each other.

Computer Applications: ranging from the simplistic of apps that ‘customize your’ itunes, to more complex apps that organize your work load. I find programs that will make your life easier, more organized, and more functional. And then just plain fun apps.

Psychology: Rather than be a self help site that would fail to explain the deeper aspects of human beings, i will cover the science side of psychology. I’ve always wanted to know why we do what we do, meaning why do we behave the way we do, and why we all perceive things differently. I’ll tackle the why’s and the how’s to do with human behavior. Hopefully from attaining a deeper understanding of our existence, you’ll be able to improve upon yourself with your newly attained knowledge.

Tips, Trick, and How To: Though I’ll most likely dwell on organizing, being more productive, etc (some of my greatest problems), nearly any tips I find important will go here. If you notice some of my past posts, I’ve written from how to use your own hard drive on your xbox360 all the way to organizing your workspace.

These three sections will not be everything I post, i'll also have some completely random, but intriguing stuff too, so be prepared for a surprise.

Now you know the basics, I hope you enjoy

101 Uses for Everyday Things

From newspaper to coffee filters all the way to Velcro, realsimple.com has come up with a new list of 101 uses for everyday things. Got some salt?

"11 New Uses for Salt

6. Clean drains. Pour a hot, strong solution (1/2 cup salt for every quart of water) down the drain.

10. Keep shells from cracking when boiling eggs. Add a few pinches of salt to the water."

or maybe you want to make the most out of dryer sheets

"10 New Uses for Dryer Sheets

4. Replace a sachet. Keep a dresser drawer smelling fresh and clean by placing a dryer sheet on the bottom of it.

5. Loosen caked-on food from a pan. Place a fresh sheet in the bottom of a dirty pan, fill with lukewarm tap water, and let sit in the sink overnight. The pan will be easier to clean in the morning. "

whatever it may be, now you'll never let your common household goods go to waste.

101 New Uses for Everyday Things [via realsimple]

Mac's Hidden Spellchecker

Heres a very cool Mac feature i once was completely oblivious of: Have your mac spell check. It works in many mac apps.(ie. safari, iphoto, TextEdit, etc.)

How to do it.

1. Open a mac app, lets say safari

2. select a type box and type something

3. Either ctrl + click or right click on the misspelle
d word and corrections will appear.

Note: You can also set it check spelling as you type. If a word is misspelled, a little red line will appear under it prompting you to correct it.

How Hyper are You? Caffeine Calculator

Haven't you always wanted to see how much caffeine that's now circulating through your bloodstream after those 6 red bulls, 2 espressos, and a Jolt cola? i have. With energy fiend you can do just that.

This is the most complete list of beverage caffeine content online. Click on the column titles to sort that column.

Caffeine Calculator [via energyfiend]


i forgot to mention another fe
ature on energyfiend.

Though it's probaly impossible to kill yourself from an overdose of caffeine in Hershey's kisses, you can still find out how many it would hypothetically take.

Pick from a list of many caffeine enhanced treats

Kill yourself with caffeine [via energyfiend]

Powered by ScribeFire.

$60 Router into a $600 Router

Heres a neat DIY project i stumbled across via lifehacker. Apparently i can turn my $60 router into a $600 router.

"you can boost your wireless signal, prioritize what programs get your precious bandwidth, and do lots of other simple or potentially much more complicated things to improve your computing experience."

It seems nice and simple, so at first chance I'll try it out, at the moment I'm pressed for time so within a few days I'll post an update detailing the final result of this "experiment."

Turn a $60 Router in a $600 Router [via lifehacker.com]

3 Website Email Hacks

Make the most of email with these three useful sites, Deadfake, Willselfdestruct, and spambox.

Deadfake Free anonymous email

simply said deadfake allows you to send emails from any email address you choose, even .gov's. Granted the site is probaly most commonly used for pranks, if your looking for anonymous mail for the sake of anonymity, this is the place to come. Also, like the other two sites, theres no sign up fee of any sort, just log on and send away.

Self Destruct: Free Secure Email

Willselfdestruct enables you to send out self destructing emails. If you happen to want an email to stay off the record, send out one of these. The recipient will receive a link directing them to a secure page that can only be displayed once.You set how long the email can be displayed for before it 'blows up.' Though the text can't be selected and copied, i would imagine if someone really wanted to save your email they would take a photo of it, so think wisely before using if for ultra secure proposes.

Spambox: Say no to Spam
Many sites ask you for an email vertification to register or download software. But are they always trustworthy? The reason why you may be receiving a ton of spam could be from giving away your email address to these untrustworthy sites. This is where spambox comes in. Spambox allows you to create a temporary email address that will forward emails to your regular email. So rather than enter your real email into the website, enter a temporary spambox email. All emails from the site will be transfered to your real email, but once the spambox expires the unknown website will no longer have an email on you.

Odd Fortune Cookies

Though this post won't lead to increased productivity or enlightenment, it's always a little important to have a laugh, right? Basically, it's in the name, weirdfortunecookies.com is an extensive collection of weird yet comical fortune cookies. I found these particularly odd.

" you will soon be aware of your growing awareness"

"you are going to have some new clothes"

"you may attend a party where strange customs prevail"

Learn Something about Yourself

I've become addicted to this site and i bet you will too. Click on the link and two pictures pop, your goal, pick the one you like better. And after a few clicks, the brain at the bottom turns pink meaning it knows something about you.

"You read books voraciously" - it's a smart brain

It also has some other cool features such as the percentages of which picture was clicked the most (see if your unique or just like everyone else)

Learn about yourself with likebetter

Free Everything Ipod Book v3.0

This post is for all you with ipod's out there. ilounge has come out with version 3.0 of their all things ipod book. Everything about you ipod is in this book.
"The All Things iPod Guide: Prepare to be amazed by your iPod all over again. As you read through the 15 sections of our latest iPod tutorial and accessories guide, you’ll find tips on customizing, buying, selling, and repairing iPods, our top accessory recommendations, and ways to create and acquire great iPod video, music, and gaming content.

iTunes Tips and Tricks: Now with over 140 tips, our massive iTunes tutorial helps you quickly understand all the best features of Apple’s digital media management software and online iTunes Store, including up-to-the-minute information on iTunes Plus downloads, Cover Flow, and much more.

Apple’s Semi-Secret Store: Apple fans will drool over the Mac, iPod, and iPhone-matching gear we discovered at the country’s least-publicized Apple retail store, including an iPhone-matching iPen, a cool mug, and the exclusive T-shirt that shows just how far some people (including us) would go to pay homage to the company."

By no means is that a complete list, check it out for yourself. and be sure to look at the software section to find some cool apps that allow you to download feed, notes, contacts, and more onto your ipod.

free ipod book [via ilounge.com]

AddThis Social Bookmark Button

AddThis Feed Button

Can you figure out this pattern?

From the always informative and unrivaled smart-kit, it's time to flex your mental muscles.

Can you figure out this pattern?

This brain teaser was designed for the smart-website

The answer can be found by clicking this [link]

How to Use your own Hard Drive on a Xbox 360

Ive always been faced with the difficulty of overloading my Xbox 360 with too much stuff. With its meager 20 gb of space it really doesn't take any work to run out of space on an xbox. I alone have 15 gb of music not including all the movies, games, etc i want to put on my xbox. If i did want to put something new on it, i would by faced with two choices

a. buy the new 120gb hard drive for an outrageous price ($180) provided by Microsoft
b. keep deleting stuff and replacing with other stuff

But there is a solution without sacrificing your precious media or selling a leg to buy another hard drive.

How to Use your own External Hard Drive on an Xbox 360
The great part of this procedure is it's so easy to do

1. Since you'll be needing a hard drive for this, attain one by whatever means necessary, (ie. internet or local electronics store)

make sure it has a USB drive, not firewire.
- make sure that it's powered by the usb cord rather than an additional power cord (though a hard drive with a power cord will work with the xbox, with the usb cord the drive wont be required to be plugged into the wall, just into the xbox.

i would recommend buying the WD Passport 120gb Drive ($89 unlike xbox's $180 drive) It likewise has a 120gb plus it's small, sleek, and stylish.

2. NTFS or FAT: time to check if your drive is either NTFS or FAT. Xbox 360 can only read drives formatted as FAT so we're going to have to find out what you have.

Plug your hard drive into your computer.

  • Windows: Click the start menu and then find my computer. Now that your in the my computer section, navigate to the hard drive you just plugged it, it'll have a letter like (F:), just make sure it isn't the one labeled Local Disk. Once you located the drive right click and in the pop up window scroll down to properties, There will be a window that pops up, on the window search for where it says File System, next to file system it will say either NTFS or FAT. If its FAT skip the step 3, if its NTFS move on the next step.
  • Mac OS X: Find the Hard Drive on your Mac Desktop. Once located, hold Ctrl on your keyboard and click on the hard drive logo. Once clicked, a tab will pop up, click on Get Info, another pain will pop up (ie. WD passport info.) In about the middle of the page it will say Format and next to format it will say either "windows NT filesystem" or "MS-DOS File system. MS-DOS File System is FAT, so if that shows up skip step 3, the formating step.
Good News: Most external hard drives that you buy including the recommended WDPassport drive come out of the box in FAT32 format so you'll probaly not need to format it.

3. How to Format

  • Windows: Download Partition Magic ($69), or if your not willing to pool out $69 (i wouldn't) click this link that has a more more tedious but completely free way to reformat your drive
  • Mac: Download either VolumeWorks ($59) or iPartition ($32), follow the directions in the app. Though you can do all the the formating work, i just bought another Hard Drive and dedicated it for my xbox 360 media (movies and music,) which made it unnecessary to do the tedious task of reformatting.

4. Transfer:
transfer movies, music, pictures, etc. from your computer on your FAT hard drive

5. Enjoy: Plug your hard drive into the xbox 360 and enjoy movies, pictures, and all your music, without compromising the 20gb hard drive that came with your xbox

If you own a mac and would like to stream to your xbox360, you might enjoy this article

Mac + Xbox360 = Media Center

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Top 8 Post it Note Apps

A little follow up on the last post. I thought i should elaborate more on some useful note taking services. This list will help put an end to the conventional post it note. It's about time you start using computer notes

stikkit: simple, easy app. basically a replica of the normal post it note on your computer

Ta-da Lists: this online to-do, note taking list is extremely user friendly and useful at the same time, plus the program doesn't have to be downloaded just access your account online.

Rainlendar To Do list section: Read my more in depth post on rainlendar

Zoho Notebook: Read my Zoho Post for more information

Google Notebook: and online note taker by no other than Google of course, easly take clips from the web, and write your own reminders.

: slightly better than google notebook in my opinion, notefish allows you to take clips from the web with its browser extension. an excellent site for organizing your web research.

mynoteIT: primarily for students, notes must be arranged by classes. But that shouldn't be problem since you can name the classes whatever you'd like. I really like this one so I'll be posting a special on it later. but if you are a student then you'll find this one befitting

Notezz: Perhaps the simplest online note taker. If you like simple then pick this. There's only Five buttons on the site, new note, logout, change password, and delete account. The last button is a cool feature that allows you to download the note for whatever reason.

I have accounts on everysingle site, or have downloaded the app. If you've got any questions about them just ask away.

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