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Overclock your Brain

Alright, here it is, an extensive list entailing 33 ways to "overclock" your brain from

i recently discovered his site, nonetheless it will have a permanent spot on my feeder. His post contains some overclocking tips that are common knowledge but there are quite a few hidden gems he touches on.

5. Think and learn holistically.
Holistic thinking might be the single most “advanced” learning technique. It means relating everything you learn to things you already know. This creates an interrelated web of information. Trying to memorize everything and if your memory fails you, that information is unreachable. But by interlinking your web of knowledge, if one route becomes blocked another is accessible.

19. High-tech brain power.
What’s an eight-letter word for brain booster? The answer could be Nintendo. Experts say playing one of the new games specially designed to improve your focus could have the indirect effect of getting your memory in shape. A host of new studies suggest that video games build rather than diminish cognitive skills. Even a relatively simple tiling puzzle like Tetris has been shown to boost brainpower. Whenever you solve puzzles or do brainteasers, you’re making the connections between your neurons work more efficiently, which is like putting money in the bank.

Hollistic learning as posted in the quote above deserves individual attention. When i want to learn material or certain subject, i now relate everything to something ive already previously learned, the concept behind holistic learning. Since he didn't extensively explain holistic learning, im compiling links that describe it in depth and how to apply it to your studies. Really, Holistic learning will change your life, it will take a long time to incorporate it into your routine but the rewards are endless.

Follow the link for continued article.

33 new ways to overclock your brain via [projectririan]

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