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Never Study Again: Holistic Learning

As promised, i have compiled a list of great articles on the new approach to learning called holistic learning.

First let me give you a brief description of what holistic learning exactly is.

When most people want to learn a new subject, lets say US history, they tend to categorize all the information given them in mental boxes. Everything is relegated to certain spot in their head.

Holistic learning on the other hand, fully engages all parts of the mind, body, emotions/feelings.
Have you noticed that you tend to remember events far more vividly when frightened or happy? Well your emotions are some extremely powerful chemicals, more neuron connections are being stimulated causing memories to stick in your mind. Holistic learning not only incorporates the power of feeling but much more.

Holistic learning builds a web of knowledge. Much like how our brain consists of a web of firing neurons, holistic learning does likewise. Every fact you learn must relate to something else.

To incorporate holistic learning in your daily life ask questions so as to build relationships between your studies. Heres some basic tips to stimulate your holistic thinking.

- ask yourself, how does this relate to something i already know?

- create a metaphor : your learning about the spread of communism in major countries (Russia, China, Vietnam, etc.) and you know you will soon forget this lecture. But being the computer savvy person that you are, you relate the spread communism to your already comprehensive knowledge of computer viruses. You think, "much like how communism spread through countries, viruses spread from computer to computer." this is a very basic example of creating of metaphor to help you get the point.

- draw mind maps: a mind map is basically creating a web of notes. Rather than the conventional types of notes where everything is in its own section, mind mapping connects every idea to each other. Lets say your taking notes on the reasons for the cold war. First create a big bubble with cold war labeled in it. Next create branches, one says reasons for cold war, then off that branch list reasons, for it. Therefore every note is interconnected. If you cant recall a fact, then follow it up the mind map tree. Mind mapping is a far more effective way to take notes, and for you computer note takers our there, there are many mind mappers for you.

- for mac osx users

- ask your self to summarize what you just read: you may end up reading for a longer period of time, but you'll never have to refer back to your reading, saving time in the end. What you do is, after every paragraph or section of textbook, essay, etc. stop and ask your self, what did i just read about and repeat over in your head what seemed important in that section.

- draw pictures: as it says draw a picture of what your learning, often visualizing something helps you remember it in the future.

these are just a few tips, to attain a comprehensive knowledge of the subject refer to the links at the bottom of the page.

Remember though, trying to completely change your learning habits in a just a few day is pretty much impossible, to get the most out of holistic learning it's necessary to dedicate yourself to it, with time and patience, you'll start noticing results.

Holistic Learning: in depth links
studying and holistic learning [via scotthyoung.com]
how to learn holistically [via scotthyoung.com]
Holistic Learning: free ebook [via scotthyoung.com]
about.com article [via about.com]

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Scott said...

Thanks for the link!

Intelli Mind said...

no problem you deserve it

Omar said...

Our team just launched a new collaborative web-based mind mapping tool called Comapping. It is worth checking it out at comapping.com. We have had a lot of success among the education segment.
Regards, Omar

Intelli Mind said...

i checked it out, it does look very useful for the education crowd plus it seems very easy to use. ill be sure to keep this one in mind for a possible later post

Omar said...


Its quite interesting, we see comapping spreading very quickly at universities because people find it quite social writing study notes together.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.


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